Gargoyle race concept for Angelic-Sins

This is a concept design for the gargoyle race for Angelic Sins, and can be subject to change or alterations for balance and realism.


a mysterious species of creatures that appear to be made out of various rock materials, Each gargoyle looks different and some can have evil intents while others have good intents.

There were many rumors about these creatures, some say guardians, others say creatures created by the dreams of wicked people brought to life.

Gargoyles are found to be territorial of their perches, and rarely do they share their perch with another gargoyle, or even another creature. They do however live in clans and are typically organized as such.

Although the first gargoyles were made of stone, that has since changed, now they are made out of various different materials in addition to stone. It was later learned that after the first gargoyles were made, a strange and mysterious energy caused the gargoyles to come to life. Occassionally a normal human may become a gargoyle, this can be because of a few reasons, one of the parents is a gargoyle, the result of the prank of some other supernatural creature, or in rare cases, a mutation virus which alters their genetic structure to that of a gargoyle.

Gargoyles skin, while it can appear human like, when not a statue, is actually as durable and hard as a magically created stone that they were carved from. This makes them able to take quite a lot of hits before receiving significant damage, they can use their wings as shields to protect themselves and others from harm.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Gargoyles can glide and fly.

They also tend to be attracted to stone or stone like structures with places for them to perch.

Over time, gargoyles developed the ability to shape shift, which allowed them to walk and interact with humanoids, although at some point in time, they must return to their true form, which may normally happen when they sleep. However there are some things that remain the same when they take a more humanoid form, mostly their legs have a gargoyle kind of look when shape-shifted into a humanoid. Gargoyles can also shape-shift into a statue version of themselves, while in such a state, they can be considered dormant but they can still see, hear and smell.

Gargoyles can have different roles in the supernatural society, from sentinels to spies and messengers.

Gargoyle physiology

Gargoyles, when not in their statue form have a variety of colors to their skin and wings, the ends of their wings can have two or three fingers, allowing them to gram onto surfaces, or manipulate things if need be. Their bodies looks mostly similar to human, with the exception of their hands having three fingers and a thumb, all of which have extendable claws. They also sport powerful tails and legs. Their feet are talon like, giving them a slightly different posture and way of walking than humans, their talon like feet can also grasp onto surfaces, to aid them in climbing or even just hanging upside down

When fighting their eyes can glow a different color, although this isn’t really observed by humans.

Female Gargoyles tend to be slim yet very physically fit, while males are bulky. Either way, both genders have enhanced strength, allowing them to be able to fight other supernatural creatures.