Game Master / Storyteller vs None

Recently there has been some confusion about how our games are done. I’d like to clear it up, since everyone is invited to run scenes, stories, and generally become an active participant in building the setting and the overall story, players do not need an DM or GM to tell them what is going on or when. Players can come up with and run their own stories, big and small. If a story is going to majorly impact the setting or require a mass response, one is advised to ask a staff member about the particulars, but players are still welcome to run plot themselves and thus enhance game play for everyone. While we have a Staff, they should not be generally thought of as Game Masters or Storytellers in the RPG sense, since they are here to assist in the flow of stories and interaction of characters. While our Staff do run games, they are not the only ones who can do so.

I think a lecture I watched about video games actually helps here.

" A game is not a finished worked until a player has played it"

In any game the players input is.always an important aspect and should also be considered when designing it.

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