Furthering the Borg Invasion Plot for Blazing Umbra

Despite what it might seem like, i am still planning to do the Borg Invasion Plot. I’d like to get commentary from everyone, but especially out @CreativeTeam here on the forum as well as on Discord.


I plan to organize the encounter into 3 distinct zones. There will be Borg forces attacking the Avali colony, Nimbus Station, and the Supergate. This will require some work, however, in that all of these things will occur at the same time in-game, but may not be able to occur at the same time in reality. This could cause some issues with continuity of plot and with people not wanting to be stuck. As such I’d like to have 3 people running this, one for each zone.


The idea is simple. After the advanced Borg from the future appeared and were defeated, the Collective has been on their way. They have some idea of the tasty technology in the area and would like to assimilate it. Now, at the outset the idea is to have 3 cubes, it they might be 3 cube-groups. Small groups like Navy battle groups with the Cube as the center ship, some spheres and some scouts too. Their wish is simple, assimilate everything.


Since the combat stuff is simple to imagine, defeat the Borg. I’d like to introduce the idea of the non-combat characters having to use their skills to keep the ships going or adapting to the Borg’s own adaptation. Doing either of these means that the storytellers will have to provide information to let them do it. Of course since this is all made up, it can be damn near anything we want it to be, so long as it sounds like technobabble. The point is to have them have to try different things IC to get it to work right.

There is also going to be needed a final solution, a way to drive the Borg out of the system. I think that this should also be handed off to our non-combat characters to come up with, have some ideas of our own as storytellers but drop hints and let the players be creative.

Combat / Adapting

My general plan is to have the Borg be harder to defeat and start finding ways to adapt to bullets and blades and the like. That has been their one weakness, and has now become meme-worthy of why no one in Trek seems to have noticed. Here, since we have noticed, I’d like to restore the Borg’s status as a truly terrifying threat that just keeps coming and coming.


Ideally something will be developed that will drive the Borg off. Either it will destroy them horribly or perhaps some other method that makes the star system an uneasy target for the Borg. I’m not personally sure yet, but could use ideas from anyone who wants to give them.

Comments / Questions

All comments and questions are welcome.