From the Limits of Our Abilities

The ship was adrift, damaged beyond repair… Half the crew was dead when the drive failed, which isn’t a surprise. The experimental drive system was a melding of technologies which probably should never have been put together. The Captain was still unconscious with a serious head injury, the EMH was offline and the doctor was dead. All Operations Officer Lt. Commander_Victoria Manchester_ could do was the best she remembered about keeping bleeding down. The last of the medical supplies were done, she was under strict orders to not reveal their position; but those orders came before everything went so wrong. Surely she would never be under strict orders to die? Even if she was, she’d face a court-martial when what was left the of the crew was safe. They wouldn’t last much longer.

She rigged up the distress call with the last 4 working phasers and one of the last working tricorders tied in for power, then hard-wired it into the main communications array. It wouldn’t be enough, so she sacrificed their ability to try to figure out where they were in more detail, and just encoded the signal with their best guess of where they should be and sent out a general distress call; all she could hope was that the right people detected it.

Indra stomped down the hall angrily followed by his two best friends, Akira and Kenshin. He was making his way to ambers office to yell and get permission to go after this ship that sent the distress call…if there was one thing Indra hated the most was folks getting left behind to die

When he eventually arrived at Ambers office he threw off his coat and growled “Amber! We better not be leaving this distress call unanswered or I’m gonna go berserk!”

Franciszka Rovak was walking with Kenshin, she followed him wherever he went to protect him when he was outside his mobile suit. She was in agreement with indra that no one should be left behind but she let him do the talking. She was barely being trained in her new mobile suit after all.

Amber looked at him, “Well hello to you too Indra, have a seat.” she said as she finished up something on her PADD. She was quiet while she did, whatever it was she was doing.

“Yeah hi…” he says as he salutes and growls “back to it damnit! We’re gonna go out and find that ship, help it and save whoever’s on that ship!!” He yells as Aki and kenshin grab his arms

After she finishes what she’s working on she looks at him and hands Indra the PADD, “Your ship will deploy, we’ll load the Ghost Reaver into it’s shuttle bay and Aki will command the ship, I will supervise the operation, and we’re going to head off and try to find that signal. Command says they’ve narrowed it down to a region of space but we’ll be going in blind so make sure you’ve got everything and are armed and ready. I want those new girls on board too, the ones who spliced in with the STALKERs, so inform them that they are coming along.” She stands up and grabs her jacket from the wall, “Any questions?”

The PADD is basically formal orders that she was preparing saying where they are going.

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“A rescue mission?” Vizsla said with a raised eyebrow, looking at her new CO. Aki. Right now the former mecha woman and along with the other Zaku Is were in partial MS armor minus the helmet and were in the midst of dealing with most of the heavy lifting for the much more heavy gear such as weapons, ammunition, parts and fuel for the ship’s Mobile Suit Mechs stored in the hangar given their super-human strength which allowed them to do the task with utter ease.

“Gimmie a moment.” Turning back to the task at hand, she signaled two of her fellow Zakus to help deal with the Artillery shell ammo case she was doing which they complied doing giving the custom to speak with her leader.

“So what’s this mission boss?”

The sound of clip-clop, clip-clop could be heard approaching the office until finally a knock would be heard at the door. “Permission to enter?” Is all the diminutive satyr says. He stands in his captain’s uniform and an eye patch over his left eye. It is a white eye patch with two sets of straps around his head. He has his hands behind his back as he patiently waits for an answer.

Tal would come around the corner not far behind the satyr, dressed in minimalist armor consisting of a plate carrier and slightly bulkier, soft armor-reinforced combat fatigues, his high-cut ballistic helmet strapped to his low-profile medical backpack. With his long-barreled, suppressed Mark 15 “Recce” rifle slung over his shoulder and cradled across his chest, he’d come up next to the captain, looking around awkwardly as he waited. His presence would undoubtedly draw a sharp contrast in terms of physical appearance, giving off the aura of a seasoned operator.

The whole Tekkadan group was preparing for this operation . The big three stood before Vizsla and watched her crew move around, they were happy to have these girls working with em and it was nice to have fresh faces around as well

Indra steps forward and sighs slightly
“Well our mission is to go after a ship that sent out a distress beacon not to long ago, we’re supposed to find it and rescue whoever’s in there…I’m hoping if anything we’ll take vanguard on this operation…

“I see?” She noted, thinking. “Do we have anything of the ship we’re rescuing? Serial Number? Crew? Ship Class?”

“There’s limited data from what we’ve gathered so far…just a ship and a distress signal so far…Amber might have more details on it when she arrives…” Indra as he looked Vizsla over “you prepared for operations with us…iron blooded?”

“I see. This could be a trap don’t you think?” She asked in a thoughtful manner. But as Indra asked whether or not she was ready, the former mech was quick to answer with full confidence. “As ready as you are sir. We aren’t pushovers as we have the experience to back it up with.”

Then she remembered someone else. “Though I can’t say the same for the Feddy Girl.”

“If it’s a trap we’ll deal with it too…we’re Tekkadan Vizsla, it’s what we do” Indra said with a chuckle and a smile when Vizsla spoke “I’m glad to here that, you’ll do well with the iron blooded…oh yeah the other girl…what’s her deal?”

Amber comes in then with crates in a gravity sled and soon after the Ghost Reaver is being loaded by tractor beam onto the larger ship… “We don’t know the class, the ship has registry of a Solas Tempus vessel but is nowhere in our database.” She looks at them all, “As far as a trap, that’s why we are bringing so much fire power.”

“She seems really jumpy when me and the Zakus are around as if she has a phobia of us Zakus.” Vizsla answered with a shrug. “I think it has to do with war.”

“Firepower?” Vizsla asked confused. “This is the standard load for Mobile Suits.”

“And that’s why you’ll let me be vanguard amber!” Indra yelled as his crew waved and saluted to amber. Indra then turned his attention back to Vizsla “So I’ve been told…Kenshin has been watching over her and observing, she’s probably got some kinda weird issue…maybe I should go talk to her or have Aki, Dunno…”

The ship eventually gets loaded, Amber enlists the help of Tal who has been in the corner and see’s Clancy there waiting to enter, she rolls her eyes at Indra and says, “Really? You couldn’t wave our other team members in for this op?” She motions for Tal and Clancy to enter, “Sorry, we’re still working on decorum, but at least we’ve got enthusiasm.”

Clancy enters with another clip clop from his hooves. He smiles at amber with a professional if a little nervous smile. “Captain Holmwood here, my crew and my ship is at your service.”

“I’ll leave that up to you sir.” Vizsla said but stops for a moment. “I’d suggest Aki to check on her sir. No offense sir but I think you might be too scary for her to handle.”