From All to None Plot Outline


A team of Temporal Operatives (or an individual depending on interest) is on board an Archer Class Starship. They have just gotten back from a routine observation mission. Upon returning to the present, they are informed that they have been disavowed and are ordered to return to Starbase Pandora. They are informed that there is evidence they team used their position as Temporal Operatives to alter the past for personal profit.

Plot Elements

Last Mission

The team was just sent on a mission to 11th century Earth, investigating a temporal anomaly in deep space. The anomaly had sent disruptive waves forward through time. Sensors detected a potential temporal incursion in progress. The ship was sent back in time to investigate the anomaly and neutralize the incursion.

The mission lasted only a week or so, there was no evidence of an anomaly at the location. They spent a week or so in a standard search pattern around the area. They found nothing and returned home.

Charges / Evidence

They are charged with altering the past for personal profit. Solas Tempus has surveillance evidence that the Operative(s) created false identities through illegal means on a previous mission. Records will indicate that they used their positions as Temporal Operatives to develop these false identities visiting multiple points in time on different missions until they were able to use the false identities to purchase stocks and commodities for the express purpose of gaining personal wealth.

  • Logs of the missions match up exactly with time periods where the identities were developed.
  • Stocks, commodities, and real property obtained using the false identities have a direct trail of ownership to the team in the present.
  • Accounts exist bearing the identities of the Temporal Operatives with the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

3 Time Periods

  • 1637 - The Dutch Tulip Bubble
  • 1720 - South Sea Bubble
  • 2008 - U.S. Housing Bubble

Clear evidence that the team was in those time periods and made significant and profitable trades using deployed and alternate identities on file. Each one shows that the identities used got out of the market at the absolutely perfect time, in 2008 this was to the second before the crash occurred.

Legal Trail

Clear legal path from accounts in each time period to companies and law firms transferring and reinvesting buying real estate or precious metals over time to secure wealth. Legal entities holding commodities can be linked to identities used by team members.

Act 1 - Choices

The team must decide how to proceed. They will be able to find out at least something of what Solas Tempus has on them from contacts within the group that don’t believe the charges. The charges are, however, damning and there is a serious question as to what will happen if they go back and submit to a court martial.

The evidence is strong and a military court has a lower burden of proof than a civilian court. If they turn themselves in, knowing they have been framed, there is also the question of if the court will treat them fairly since some of the records which show them as guilty could only have been altered / used by someone with access (someone within Solas Tempus).

Their ships MSAI has been ordered to take command of the vessel and they must convince or force the MSAI that they are innocent and need to escape.


  • Crew is informed they must return at once.
  • MSAI is ordered to confine crew.
    • Quarters makes more sense.
    • Would be better if the Crew was together (mess hall?)
  • Crew must decide what to do.
  • Crew must convince MSAI to join them if they are to use the ship.

MSAI Joins Them

  • They need to change the ships command codes, prevent Solas Tempus from remotely taking over the ship.
    • Safe for MSAI so long as they are downloaded to a body
    • Will need to disconnect the MSAI from the ship

MSAI Does Not Join Them

  • Crew must overpower / deactivate the MSAI
  • Command codes still need to be changed
    • Without MSAI help, could damage or delete MSAI program


The crew doesn’t strictly speaking need to keep their ship, but if they abandon the ship they will be required to get another vessel. In this case they will still need to overpower / deactivate the MSAI to escape and possibly disable their ship as well. The ship will be going from the past to the future after a mission, thus this will need to take place after the ship returns to the present to be effective.

Act 2 - Information


Act 3 - Resolution