From All to None - Disavowed

This plot has been boiling around in my head for a while but I haven’t done anything with it. The idea is that a group of Temporal Operatives become disavowed on their way back from a successful mission. They find out while still in transit somehow and are forced to divert to elsewhere. They will need to figure out what happened but now all their avenues are closed to them.

I’ve toyed with the idea of having them be wanted as opposed to just “you no longer work for us”. This comes a little bit from a TV show that used to be on USA called Burn Notice. The plot arc was that the main character gets burned and get stuck in Miami with nothing (as the shows intro says). I can’t really recommend it enough, a lot of my ideas for the feeling (not the actuality) of spywork were influenced by this show.

Given that, I don’t want to a TV Show style of never-ending RP, that would be its own setting and it’s own thing, and I’m not interested in that. I would like to use that idea though, this small team (I’d like at least 2 or 3 maybe even 4 or 5 but that’s about the max) players gets burned (disavowed) and they go in that moment from having everything to having nothing at their disposal.

I have to modify this idea a bit because this is a space setting and space travel is a thing. From that I pull this other idea from the show The Expanse from the 1st Season episode Windmills. The Rocinante gets flagged by a MCRN patrol and are threatening to board this clearly illegal ship. They have to access the MCRN codebook on board to provide code words to the MCRN ship so it will no board them. Doing this requires quickly bypassing explosives that are designed to destroy the codebook as well as everyone on board if it’s accessed. They have to essentially convince the computer the ship is a new ship with a new crew and has a new code to the panel which holds the codebook.

Given that Solas Tempus ships are all linked into HAL, and I imagine this going down on an Archer Class or similarly small ship they would have to first convince the ships MSAI and then break into the ship’s computer core and change the command codes and block HAL from getting in to disable the ship.

So… I’d like some feedback, ideas, comments, questions, do we like this idea?

Why would people have been disavowed? What did they do? Are they on the run from the law (as in the Expanse they are fugitives) or more like Burn Notice as they just demoted to regular people now and could (if they wanted) just go back and live a normal life?

Comments are really welcomed.

A rag-tag group of people disavowed for various reasons might be fun

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