From All to None - Antagonist Notes

This is the antagonist for the From All to None Plot.

He is delusional and heartbroken, the world he lives in is a cold and desolate place with no light, no hope, only his own rage and hatred. He hates himself as much as anyone else. His one goal in life is revenge, he has given up on a happy ending and knows that his quest will inevitably end in death. Since he no longer fears death he has no particular reason to ever stop, the only time he’ll stop is when either he gets his revenge or dies. He truly hopes he’ll die in the process.


He is a cunning man, grief and pain have twisted his sense of right and wrong. Though he only truly hates himself and object of his rage. He doesn’t really want to hurt anyone else and goes through great pains to avoid hurting others, especially children and families. He has no real fear, in his mind he is some kind of martyr raging against injustice that was thrust upon him. A quiet man he seldom speaks unless he has something to say communicating more in nods, gestures, and even grunts to avoid talking. When confronted with conflict he will make others uncomfortable with the ease he has in silence. He prefers solitary time but recognizes somewhere that this is a bad idea so will seek to be around people, but apart from them. He doesn’t belong anywhere and thinks he is utterly alien in this reality.

Hobbies / Interests

  • Hiking / Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Fishing / Hunting
  • Cooking
  • Amatuer Botony


  • Pilot
  • Negotiating
  • Jury Rigging
  • Basic Engineering / Repair


Once a reasonably successful pilot and owner of a one-ship transport service. He was married and had two children a boy and a girl. This family was the light of his life and he was both a good provider and father / husband. Having a love of space and space travel he enjoyed his work, as a solitary man he was quiet and reserved and preferred to be alone rather than with people. Some of his most peaceful memories are aboard his small transport ship cruising through space reading some book or another.

Even as a successful transport pilot he had his peculiarities, having some strange ideas as to what was really going on. A version of the Mandela Effect where he believes minor historical events actually happened differently. It was an oddity more than anything, his business contacts rarely had reason to even know about it and his wife and children were aware of it but paid little attention to it other than some light ribbing now and then. One of the things he believes is that Captain Picard died in the Battle of Wolf 359, utterly unimportant in the day-to-day life.


After having to drop his cargo a number of times looking to avoid Orion Pirates he started to get a reputation. While no one faulted him on trying to survive he lost some valuable business contacts to rival transports. Things were difficult at home and while initially his wife and children were very supportive, the deeper he fell into depression the more isolated he became. He would go and not come back for weeks at a time with no explanation of where he’d been. Staunchly refusing treatment. Eventually his wife took the children and left saying that if he would get treatment she would welcome him back into her with open arms.

Eventually he did seek treatment, having realized he had a real problem. On the eve of reuniting with his family he took a turn for the worst. Attempting to take his own life through overdosing on his antidepressant medication. Having just been given a large supply to travel with while he attempted to reconcile and put his family back together the medication did not kill him. Instead he spent several weeks in intensive care but the medicate did highlight some abnormalities in his brain by making them worse.


His previous beliefs that things were not right magnified by 100 fold and became convinced that his wife and children were actually imposters. Diagnosed with Capgras Syndrome he rejected his family. In his mind he constructed a narrative that made sense to him. He was from a different reality and his family had actually died. The delusion grew and became a belief that not only is he from a different reality by Solas Tempus Temporal Operatives removed him from his own reality and placed him in this reality because they had accidentally killed the version of him that belonged there. He believes they killed his wife and children in his native reality to hide what they had done and now has generated memories of this happening.

He believes he gets flashes of this happening, that he was drugged, and clearly remembers his wife screaming for his help and then his children being shot with phasers and vaporized as they ran to him. Even though he has been introduced multiple occasions to his family he doesn’t believe they are really his but rather bad copies that belonged to another person.


During treatment he was doing better, having been put on medication and carefully monitored. He was part of a treatment program designed to give him purpose in life doing small jobs in the community. At the time he termed this period as being clearer about his confusion but unable to let it go yet. During a power outage he nearly died when a turbolift malfunctioned and fell several hundred feet before the emergency system engaged and the life was brought to a stop. When the door opened he ran overpowering the first responders. While doctors assume it took some time for medication to wear off, they believe in the fear-induced confusion he started to question the treatment.

Quest for Revenge

Post-escape he looked for work. Was doing fairly ok for a while but didn’t know if he should bring himself back to the treatment facility. Very confused and living in a world where two separate lives were happening at the same time; he knew he was very sick and needed help soon at the same time he felt if he went back, they would wipe his memory and start over. His delusions enhanced to the point that he believes Solas Tempus wiped his memory a number of times but it didn’t take, this is where he believes his confusion comes from.

Falling into social isolation he was recruited by the company 7 Years Enterprises as a cargo captain. The company prayed on his confused state and has been funding his quest for revenge against Solas Tempus in hopes of undermining the organization. They use his experiences, delusion, and sometimes even drugs to manipulate him and point him in a direction where he do the most damage for them. He himself rarely knows the real reason of what he’s doing but rather believes this is all getting him closer and closer to the truth.

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