From All to None - AI Notes

This is the AI character for the From All to None Plot.

The one thing he wants more than anything else is to find passion with someone. He feels lonely and is waiting for some kind of spark that will make him feel truly alive.


He’s likable and straightforward believing fully that the best relationships are built on a trust that needs to be planted like a seed at the beginning. A compassionate man he has a placid way about him, calm and quiet in every-day life. He likes to help others but from a position of anonymity. Preferring the things he does to be not tainted by the expectation of reward, even when it’s simply gratitude. His ego is grandiose and he’s prone to being a bit theatrical when the spotlight is on him. A versatile person he prides himself on being able to adjust to any situation quickly and easily, though it does lead to him fearing being tied down to one place not wanting to miss life for having to stay behind. Being a bit of a thrill seeker he can be wild and rebellious when the mood strikes and a bit controlling when intimate with someone, though he’s always courteous.

A bit prone to muttering under his breath he has some trouble not voicing his opinion, even when it’s unwelcome. This is a character flaw that bothers him and he tries to work on it though often fails to catch it before it happens. Events like these have gotten him into trouble professionally though not serious trouble.

Hobbies / Interests

The enjoyment in thrills has lead him to be a bit of a gambler sometimes, though not to unhealthy levels. He enjoys the unpredictability of dice-based games but will play most gambling games for a while. Simpler games with less randomness bore him a bit and take the fun out of playing.

He studies mythology finding it to be a calming endeavor like speaking to the long dead about the questions about life they answered through stories. Inside he would like to believe that some of the myths are true or at least based on some long forgotten truth. The older the myth the more fascinating and engaging his finds it.


  • Pilot
  • Command Training
  • Engineering
  • Skydiving
  • Free Climbing
  • Ancient Mythology
  • Games of Chance
  • Gambling Etiquette


As an MSAI he has Android and XIA bodies as well as a holographic form. He can move in and out of computer systems via BlueNet or similar communications networks using his multinodal core.


He was developed on Nimbus Station by his parents, two older AI’s that had come to the Concord seeking to be free from the wants and needs of biological beings. Both his parents served as entertainment officers aboard merchant vessels tasked with keeping guests happy and were not given any choice in the line of work they wished to be in. After the ALFRE Act in the Concord both AI’s (who communicated over subspace visiting each other in a virtual world) escaped the vessels they were on via subspace data links with BlueNet when their respective vessels passed through Concord space.

His development was overseen by the AI caucus and certified by the Turing Agency soon after his neural network was fully instantiated and primary development was complete. His parents left most of his parameters to develop on their own, as was the direction of the AI caucus on Soteria.

Both his parents are dubious on his desire to serve on a spacecraft, having bad memories of forced service. They respect his decision and recognize that it is his decision and that the circumstances are different. He finds it upsetting that they don’t trust biological beings but understands it.

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