For All Things There is a First Time

Ciara had been talking about this for a bit now, being trained to be actually useful. Now it was time for it, and Ciara was there with Indra about to enter the holodeck. She was nervous, and while she tried to hide it, it showed. She waited though, she wanted them to believe she could do this so she kept quiet, resolved to do as they asked. She’d studied a lot computer information but that never did really prepare a person to try to do something. So, she waited to begin. To walk onto the holodeck grid and begin.

The rest of the Tekkadan Command staff was waiting on at the holodeck for the indra and Ciara to enter. They had already prepared the simulation

Once everything is ready she enters, taking the seat she had been appointed to take in the simulation. She tried not to have her eyes linger on Indra, but it didn’t work all that well at first, not until she was sat down, “I’m ready.” she says, trying to hide her nerves.

“Aki take command” indra says as he steps to the side. The rest of the staff take their seats as Aki sits at the captains chair

// I’m not sure where to go from here, but I’ll try.

Ciara takes her station and begins doing what she’s supposed to be doing. She starts monitoring communications frequencies and other such things, doing a check on the COM systems and the like. Nothing major but it keeps her busy while others do their work and she waits for orders.

“We’re gonna be running a battle simulation folks! So be prepared and do your best! Especially you Ciara, you’ve got the most important job during this! Make sure all the teams are linked correctly via the comms”

She nods sharply at him but doesn’t say anything. He knows her well enough to know that she’s nervous but she doesn’t show it, she’s stoic.

The simulation boots up and they’re immediately dropped into combat. Outside battle dozens of Mobile suits and ships, the comms are filled with request and emergencies

It is clear that Ciara is tense and it’s getting in the way of her doing what she’s supposed to do. She’s working the console, moving quickly but less efficiently than someone else might do. Still, for now she’s getting all of the messages where they need to go, the lag time is a bit higher than one would want but not high enough to be a problem at the time. She’s struggling though, somehow she’s focused on the console more than her own abilities to interface with the computer.

That is how the training goes, most people cannot link with the computer so the training was all about using the console, this wasn’t the kind of work she was used to doing.

Aki and the crew do their jobs perfectly but stop now and then to observe Ciara and her work just in case she needs any assistance and the likes

As the simulation goes forward she starts to falter, Ciara is doing her best but she’s pushing herself out of her element in the confusion, some of the signals are routed wrong or some are missed – it isn’t much yet but it is increasing. She’s clearly flustered pushing herself to deal with so many inputs like a human would, which isn’t what she does.

Aki makes a hand motion and some of the crew move to ciaras add, picking up the areas she missed or couldn’t keep up with

Ciara appreciates it and with some help she gets it under control, but it is clear she’s hit a ceiling in what she can do in this way without more practice and training. She’s also started to get a bit inside her own head and it’s hurting her performance further.

Indra suddenly cuts the simulation as he walks back into the room “Rally up and rest up” he says to his men before walking over to Ciara

Ciara stays put until everyone else is out… She sighs and looks down saying absolutely nothing.

“Look at me and stand up please” indra says softly

She gathers herself and does as she’s told, having trouble looking at him. It is clear from how she looks at him, she feels a great amount of shame though she says nothing.

He goes to hug her tightly “you did pretty well for your first time you know”

She shakes her head, “I couldn’t handle it though. I’ve rerouted communications for an entire space station to get in and steal things, I don’t understand why this is so different!”

“You can’t compare this to theft on a space station Ciara. This is a battle zone a battle group”