Finals Week & Beyond

Finals Week (For Me)

As many of you know this next week is finals week for me. As such I will be doing a significant amount of studying, particularly in Linear Algebra over the weekend. This is coupled with one of our busiest weekends of the year. Everyone should be aware that my responses will be slow over the weekend and into next week as I prepare myself for finals.

I do hope for everyone’s patience and my hope is that we can get right into our next event week after next, which will be a session on the USS Akron. I will be doing my best to include everyone in this event, and thus we still have the poll open on times for attendance.

USS Akron - ACT I

As of right now, it is looking like we are going to do Sunday May 6th, from 11am-1pm. Times are of course somewhat flexible within reason. I know it isn’t the best time for some, but I have also considered splitting, doing two segments, I would very much like to include @JumpingScript and @icywinterdawn in the role play, as I believe that they have a lot of creativity to contribute. Now, we may do a split-session, do 2 hours at the beginning and then have a separate spin-off later on, from 6-8pm as well. This is because of some of the availability.

We will be having an Act II as well, at a time yet to be determined. I’m still writing the outline for Act I, and would appreciate any input any player may have into this, I am open to most things, and thus don’t be shy. Everyone should understand that just because I may not use something right away, doesn’t mean it goes away. Rather, it just means that it goes in my back pocket for later use. So far I have some ideas which pull together elements common to some of the story lines we have had yet to actually do. I will discuss these with the Staff in more detail, as I would definitely like there to be some amount of surprise involved on the part of players and such.

Thank You

I wanted to also express a thank you to everyone. You have all been very supportive of my ups and downs and even those times when myself and various players don’t quite agree or see eye to eye, I always appreciate everyone’s input and support.

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