Final Hail Mary

The energy anomaly (see below) was translated through the Janus Gate but not immediately effective. It was a weapon translated through the wormhole from an unknown reality. The weapon’s energy breaks down living matter at the subatomic level and also somehow (through a heavy dose of plot fudge) similarly scrambles artificial entities such as AI’s, androids, and the like. This leaves non-living (i.e. non-sentient) life alone. There are still animals and bacteria, ecosystems are intact, just no people of any kind.

The anomaly came through the gate and stayed within the gate itself building energy unnoticed. Janus Gate routinely handles so much power that it went unnoticed the energy buildup. When the energy blast detonated, sensors read it as this energy anomaly. The blast magnified with each living thing it eradicated and expanded exponentially. It left the Schatten System at tachyonic speeds echoing through subspace layers so that some parts of the amplified blast arrived in multiple distant areas of space at the same time. The wave amplified to infinite proportions finally ending when all sentient life was exterminated.

Survival of Lt. Commander Rennyn Marcus Confoscho-Thomas

Rennyn was on a shuttle craft doing maintenance on the Umbral Rift satellite network when the wave hit. The rift dampened the effect by attenuating the wave. Though the wave still setup within Rennyn just far more slowly giving him valuable time.

Rennyn couldn’t trust that some intelligence wasn’t after Solas Tempus and had very little time to put a plan into action. He believes he knows how the wave could be counteracted but needs a team that has the most time before it reaches their reality who can time travel to be sure. He leaves cryptic clues in hopes the team that comes (if a team comes) will find it. It is a last hope, a true Hail Mary as if he’s too clear, and someone is doing it on purpose… Well they might erase his work anyway, but he had to try.

The Problem

Rennyn realized that Janus Gate had been activated when the blast detonated and similar energy waves were sent to adjacent realities through the gate. Either by design or by accident the wave was going to other Janus Gate’s in other realities. Rennyn calculated the farthest reality which had a Janus gate and a Solas Tempus, or rather he configured the computer to calculate this and send a distress call. The anti-life wave could go unchecked through realities and eventually would eradicate sentient life in an infinite number of realities for which the energy could reach.

The Solution

The wave itself is asynchronous to time, following its own linear path outside of time amplifying with each reality it destroys. If the wave can be disrupted at any point on its trajectory and reflected back onto itself with an inverted phase the wave will cancel itself out and it will cease to exist.


  • Act 1 - The Problem
    What is the problem?
  • Act 2 - The Solution
    How do we solve it?
  • Act 3 - The Mission
    Actually solving the problem.

Act 1 - The Problem

Team must investigate what happened, establish contact with Prime Nimbus and figure out what the threat is, where it came from, etc. Doing this requires the team to do mostly investigation in the creepy environment. By the end of Act 1, the threat will be made clear. Data gained from all the log files will be able to be just crunched in the computer to find the wave’s origin in space-time.

Act 2 - The Solution

The team will have to return to Prime Nimbus with their data and then mount a mission to travel to the origin of the wave in order to figure out how to stop it. Travelling to the origin will require a full starship, the use of Janus Gate, and time travel.

Key Points

  • Find the wave before it is fired
  • Find a way to stop the wave (either through force, diplomacy, or covert action)
    Once the wave is stopped at its origin point, the wave itself is non-linear to normal time and thus a paradox will be created as the wave is still bouncing between realities even after they remove the catalyst.
  • Find a way to stop the wave that already exists

Act 3 - The Mission

The team must form a mission plan to stop the wave from moving through realities.

The origin of the wave is from the world Azeti Prime (see notes here).