Final Hail Mary

Thoughts / notes for Out, out, brief candle.

What has happened so far…

The team locates Nimbus Station, but empty, and with a lot of personal stuff laying around such as communicators, phasers, tricorders, and other standard equipment. There are no bodies an no clothes to be found. There is a layer of dust over everything indicating no one has been there in a long time. Evidence points to some catastrophe, investigation finds several irregularities involving the stations personnel as well – including Xosh has computer clearance equivalent to Level 7 (Flag Officers or above) and Tex is listed as being a Temporal Operative within the station’s computer.

Xosh and Squad 7 find computer logs point to something called Anomaly 41904 but it is unclear what that is other than some kind of massive unknown energy field. The final entry from any living being in the computer is from December 9th, 2377 and was made by a Lt. Commander Rennyn Marcus Confoscho-Thomas – the apparent son of Lance and Drem. Records indicate that Tex and Rennyn worked together on some kind of military operation in the year 2201. Indications are that in this reality the events of the universe happen much sooner but are not entirely dissimilar to the prime reality the team comes from.

Where to go from here…

Things the group doesn’t know yet / might get changed later.

What I’m thinking so far is a bit incomplete, but I think there’s going to be evidence that Solas Tempus of this universe is not the same kind of organization but rather a much more militaristic and control-oriented group. Strong ties to Section 31 and the Federation as well as a more results-based structure – as long as they accomplish their goals any means to an end can be justified.

Anomaly 41904

This is the iD code given by the computer to a series of incredibly complex and cohesive energy signatures that appear without warning all over the station. Logs will further indicate that ships in orbit also experienced the same anomalies forming within the hulls. That is as far out as the logs will go and only then reporting the existence in the automatic collection of data. Further investigation will end up revealing that these anomalies appeared literally everywhere at once. Every region of the entirety of known space (and unknown space) is effected by the anomalies forming.

It is a significant event, shortly after logs will indicate that all sentient life forms (artificial and otherwise) begin to vanish from existence. Clothes and some hand-held things vanish with them, but for the most part belongings just fall onto the floor although clothes usually vanish as well. Sensors do not indicate why on Nimbus, though other facilities will have more information.

Cryptic Messages

Rennyn has left some cryptic messages within the system, though it is unsure how he survived so long, it is apparent that he survived long enough to set some kind of plan in motion. This plan culminates in the opening of the gate to the prime reality, the computer made years worth of complex calculations to target that specific reality. Reasons for this are entirely unknown at this time, but his messages indicate that whatever happened came from another reality – Nimbus would not be the best place to seek records involving other realities, instead the best place to go would be Janus Station. The station actively researches everything to do with alternate realities.