Final Hail Mary - Weapon Notes

Mental Conformity Stabilizer

The device is not classified as a weapon by the Coalition, but rather it is defined as a medical tool or some kind of environment tool (in the same line as weather stabilizers). It is a space-based device which was constructed in orbit. It generates a contained energy field which builds to a critical mass and then can be broadcast from the ring itself directed at a planetary target.

Energy Wave - Intention

The energy wave itself is designed to stabilize violent tendencies within the brainwave patterns of sentient life. It was extensively engineered to not affect lower life forms such as dogs, cats, insects, and the like. Though the Azeti do not have true artificial intelligence, the wave does effect artificial intelligence, though the exact mechanism is not known. The wave disrupts the brainwave patterns which are linked to violent intentions. Simultaneously it reinforces the brainwave patterns which are linked toward passivity.

Energy Wave - Actual

The energy wave begins by doing exactly what it was intended to do. However, each mind it impacts causes an unintended resonant response that amplifies the wave. As the wave amplification increases it begins to erode other waveforms present. Starting at the neurological level and erases conscious thought entirely. As the wave increases even more, it begins to destabilize molecular bonds and then atomic and even subatomic bonds but only in matter associated with sentient life, though the exact mechanism of this restriction are unknown.

Beyond the local space as it expands and grows in amplitude it starts to break down the barriers between realities and expand non-linearly across space-time following it’s own path through multiple dimensional spaces. The wave doubles in power each life it takes and particularly spreads through gates or other objects which allow transit through space-time or alternate realities. When the wave hit the first Stargate or similar device it began to spread through those devices faster than other parts of the wave. It will eventually spread through all sentient life in every reality, eradicating it. It is possible it will eventually gather so much power as to actually disrupt and break down reality and temporal barriers causing realities to collapse.

Stopping the Wave

To stop the wave two parts much be stopped.

  1. The weapon needs to not be fired at its origin point.
    This will not solve the problem as the wave is temporally asynchronous and has become its own cause.
  2. The wave needs to be counteracted with an inverse wave fired in opposition to cancel the wave out.
    This must be done from the origin point and fired in a vector calculated to be the opposite of its originating vector, modified for temporal and subspace trajectory.

The Azeti will not know how to do this nor have the required knowledge of science and mathematics to understand how to begin to calculate this.


The Azeti do not possess the mathematics or science knowledge to validate the prediction that this will happen. The weapon worked flawlessly on a singular basis and only saw minor amplification with quickly dissipated. It is only when it is used on a mass scale that enough amplification occurs to start the chain reaction.

Without stopping both aspects of the wave, the fix will be ineffective.

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