Fighting the Current

After the events of the last two battles, Admiral Thomas and Captain D’Amico are in a joint conference call with HQ at Markab Prime and with Starbase Pandora. They are discussing what many believe to be the next phase for the organization. For some time now they have been growing, Solas Tempus that is, now up to thousands of ships and hundreds of thousands of men and women of all kinds of races. Still, however, there is a lack of certain kinds of direction.

Up until now the organization has had its 3 arms, Action, Engineering, and Research / Development. This has served them well, but there has been a movement with two sides to it over the last few years. More than one ship has encountered problems that they could not effectively respond to with their security forces and the two sides realize the same thing: things cannot continue as they are now. The only difference of opinion, is how they are going to solve this problem.

The first camp believes that Solas Tempus should get back to its military roots. Having been born out of Starfleet Intelligence before they split, most of the key and founding members are well familiar with this. The second camp says they should scale back and have their fingers in too many pies.

Contrary to what some think, temporal incursions do not happen often enough to focus just on that. There are also a great number of treaties, contracts, and agreements which define obligations for the group. Obligations that are being met, but not always in the best way possible. It would be very difficult for Solas Tempus to remove itself sufficiently to become refocused and many within the organization do not wish to. Still, there is resistance to the other option, which is to reorganize the action arm so that it can effectively respond. Those with knowledge of the matter know that the debate is getting heated, and the final say is up to Fleet Admiral Poole, but she must weigh how many people she might lose for going against them without some form of consensus.

This brings about the other major change on the table right now. That is, oversight. Right now the organization is run by one woman, Fleet Admiral Candy Poole, but even with her immense abilities she is getting tired of running everything and realizes that she herself is to blame for many of the losses, without a more focused and delegated leadership, reinforcements did not come in time to help Blazing Umbra. The proposal for reorganization has brought up the claims that the group requires a civilian oversight council to govern it and its relations with others. Lance is firmly against this, as is Sal, but Candy herself is not.

If they can give up control, it is likely that Candy will be able to order and implement the changes to become more effective, but if not it is unlikely they will be able to get past those who think things are going too far.