Fighter Pilot of the Talons

{{Character Box
|player= Darktrooper501
|name= Ari
|fullname= Arikuro Akurkeikos
|altname= Raven 25 (callsign) or Companion (Tac name)
|race= Ilundua
|alignment= Chaotic Good
|gender= Female
|height= 5 foot 2 inches
|weight= 127 pounds
|haircolor= red
|eyecolor= red
|age= 113
|birthplace= Grand Duchy of Hari
|universe= OC
|occ= Fighter Pilot
|org= Talons of Hikliku
|figure= slender and short with elven ears
|setting= Blazing Umbra

She is the epitome of ‘live fast die young’. Eternally reckless but also protective of her comrades. Always thinking about being in the cockpit she is restless on land.

== Special Abilities ==

Heightened Senses
Heightened Reflexes
Intuitive navigation in three dimensional spaces.
Lightning magic

== Special Skills ==

Military tactics training
Star Fighter Pilot training
Star Fighter repair training

== Background ==
Ari grew up a peasant. When she was of age she followed the example of her mother and became a soldier in the Navarok Empire. For the most part she got into trouble for not following orders. Eventually she became a shuttle pilot for the Barony of Irvyn. While piloting the shuttle she felt within her element. However she never had much reason to be in the air so she would still end up in trouble finding something to do. It wasn’t until the splice of the Irvyn and the formation of the Navarok Republic that she would get the opportunity she wanted. She was among those assigned to the Special Operations Wing of the Navarok Navy. They needed fighter pilots and she fit the bill. Before becoming a member of the 1st Tactical Fighter Group she was part of an experimental squadron that tested out the fighter and bomber designs made by the Navy artificers. She doesn’t have any real combat experience as a fighter pilot but has the most flight time of all the other pilots and is so far the most capable.

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