Fight for Net Neutrality

A lot of people don’t know what net neutrality is. The basic idea is that your ISP should not be allowed to use its position as the gateway to the Internet for the purposes of promoting their own services over others they don’t own or for the purposes of extracting additional fee’s not only from the companies which compete with them, but from the customers who use them.

Under current law, wired ISP’s (not wireless carriers) have to remain neutral to services you use online. It is illegal for them to slow down Netflix, HBO, Skype, or any other service which may compete with their own “premium” services that they constantly push on customers. However, without these laws they would be free to go back to this model:

Where not only does Netflix have to pay more to an ISP to get fair access to its users, but the users could also have to pay to get fair access to Netflix. With the recent merger of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications into Spectrum and further talks about AT&T joining in a similar way most markets have one or two ISP’s which makes it easy for them to control the market in an unfair way.

Since we already know this has been a problem, we also know that it is going to only get worse if it is allowed to. If allowed long enough, it will become normal and then there will be not fight, as not paying extra at every turn to your ISP, would seem bizarre. We have to stop this now. I’m not one to say that everything should be free, but when it comes to this idea that a company will use its position to unfairly manipulate the market, I don’t think we should allow this to happen. Paying for access to the Internet is reasonable, paying extra for it to be fair is quite another.

Word on the street (4chan & reddit) is for you yanks to call your local representatives, senators and congressmen(and women I guess) and barrage them with strongly worded letters to fight the FCC. Problem is, a lot are most likely getting a hefty Christmas “gift” this year to stay on side with people with agendas

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Anything I can do for it or is a 15 y/o not going to do much? Since I nee dto contact Congress and all that?

Write them. Get everyone you can to send them letters. Letters are still the most effective way to get a congress person’s attention, as antiquated as that is.

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