Feedback on Services to Add

Alright, so I think our group needs a calendar service, so that is at the top of the short list of services to offer once the server has been upgraded. After that, it was brought to my attention that our community could fall apart if Discord were to ever go down, since we are entirely reliant on it outside of this forum. Thus it was suggested that I fire up a Jabber chat server, though I’m not sure how much good it would do since I don’t even know of any decent Jabber clients for mobile and a lot of the non-mobile clients are just shit too.

Do we think we need a kind of “chat backup” service, that we can all connect to if Discord was to go down for a significant period of time? A concern was brought up that Discord may be looking to get purchased, as many Startups do, by a big company like Google, Microsoft, or (god forbid) Yahoo - and that because of that we should have our own chat service already setup and ready to go if that happens. I’m not sure if we need any of that.

What other services might we want? We have email already, this forum, the wiki site, and I’ll be investigating adding calendar services (should be doable).