Fate of the angel

Alright I need some help deciding what to do with Mastema. Currently I got some personal issues plus some light insomnia. So I can’t think very good right now, that is why I’m deferring my judgement to the hive mind ( you guys). I have thought of three options for mastema.

  1. exile/death he dies goes back to hell end of story or gets deported it end of the world dies.

  2. A char he has had positive interactions tries to persuade him to act good. Flask, Drem, Amber, cyber’s mad scientist guy (sorry man forgot his name)

  3. Blackmail - this is the weakest and hinges on him not wanting to inform Itza that their world is about to end. He has told Cody that his world is ending and Hal 9000 is sure to have recordings of him acting unusually patient with Itza for such a deduction to be made.

Any more suggestions are welcome.

What about taking him over to the Angelic Sins setting as we’re getting that going? Now are Itza and Mastema a pair? If he gets exiled will she get exiled too? That would be unusual for Solas Tempus to do that but, what I mean is, would she go and exile herself to stay with him?

Now, as far as the world ending, what did you mean by that?

They are not a pair but they both come the same universe. Chubby/Medivh asked the same question though regrettably not on the forums for everyone to see. I am also not very good at the communication thing so forgive me if my message was improperly worded. The setting where mastema is doesn’t really bother me, what bothers me is that I have done a botched up job of handling his character growth. My plan was always for him to redeem himself otherwise he would turn into a minor villain by becoming an earthbound fallen (need to upload all my RP rulebooks to that shared drive). Also I wanted his powers to be brought closer to Demon: the Fallen rules so he could be a bit more not really weak but more dependant on others for his power instead of a lone heavy hitter.

I do see that what I say may confuse some people so let me briefly explain. Demons need faith to use their powers, mastema worked around this by stealing life. Ideally the demon would form a pact with a mortal, they give them faith and the mortal gets a passive improvement to their life. The improvement can be good looks, more intelligence, but the point is while it is similar to what mastema was already doing this is mutually beneficial unlike mastema’s time stealing thing (fucking hell he is basically like a less fucked up and less durable weeping angel)

Wow there is a lot of awesome there that we could exploit to do a story. I really love the idea of the pact with the mortal, I can see that fitting in really well with several possibilities. I would not mind exploring those in a forum RP with you. If he’s exiled from Blazing Umbra, he could end up literally anywhere, and we could pick something up after he’s exiled? I don’t know there seems to be a lot of promise in that idea alone.

What about… You want something to get him started on the path to redemption. What if he gets a pact with someone and then see’s them do something, or has to do something for them, that goes beyond just using them? In the true style of Anime, would be love related.

yeah ok i can do that then have him be exiled to the angelic sins universe, fall in love, help people and become an angel again.

Well, kind of need to define why he fell, and then what issues that gives him now for an outline of what needs to happen.

that’s already in his backstory, rage and greed were his sins. he killed and consumed his fellow angels in a fit of rage, including his friend. He used his power of seeing the future to try and win against god but it backfired on him. It would most likely mean that he is short tempered, spiteful and an overall douche. His ego would be protecting him from the pain he felt being spurned by both god and humanity and the guilt of killing his friend. i don’t know too much how to get him to end goal but at the very least he can start by learning he has to gain power like the other demons of his world and that would force him to act more altruistically with perhaps the side effect of improving his outlook and attitude

Well, for how much to get into for his end goal, I would personally come up with a simple like 1 to 3 major things that he has to either conquer or come to terms with in order to move forward, kind of like mental bosses, these are things that he is unaware of himself in all likelihood, but that you know so that it can color his perceptions.