Fast Forward - Changes to the Game


Our game has moved forward by 2 years, making the year 2383, specifically as of this posting it is November 24th, 2383. A lot of things have changed, Blazing Umbra Station was destroyed in December of 2381 and has been replaced by Serenity Station. Finnegan’s has moved to Nimbus Station since then, joining the Dapper Nomad there.

OOC: For games that are already established running in 2381, players have the choice to just fudge things, and say they take place in 2383 or have them take place in the past. Most stories can probably just fudge into 2383.

Full Explanation

In December of 2381 there was a successful sabotage mission executed on Blazing Umbra Station by Codename Onyx. The agents were successful in fusing the fuel lines of the stations temporal cores into an open position and disabling the emergency shut down systems. An emergency evacuation took place and a crew composed of the senior staff managed to evacuate the entire facility to Nimbus Station and Soteria, keeping the cores stable long enough to get everyone - and themselves - off the station.

The USS Excalibur along with the Lilith and Drakon were able contain most of temporal explosion inside a subspace inversion field, forcing the temporal energy to implode into subspace. While all 3 ships suffered major damage from the strain on ship systems, they all survived.

In the aftermath, the Serenity Concord decided that they would not replace the station with a full space dock, mainly a decision due to the cost of doing so. While it still remains a mystery how the station got there in the first place, it certainly might have something to do with the temporal explosion that finally took the station. The Concord decided it was best to construct a Class K Space Station in early 2382. Construction completed later that year and it was named Serenity Station.

Serenity Station / Nimbus Station

While Serenity Station serves as a hub for commerce, almost all personnel in the system reside on Nimbus Station. Serenity focuses on transfer of cargo and manufacturing for trade as well as meeting dignitaries visiting the system before conveying them down to Nimbus Station. As such, Serenity Station acts as a gateway.

OOC: This means most RP should take place on Nimbus Station, as that is where most characters live.

Janus Gate

In the last 2 years, Janus Gate has been used a considerable number of times. Gate travel is scheduled in advance and the gate opens approximately 4 times a day, a 0000, 0600, 1200, and 1800 hours. Each destination is planned out based on need and all requests go through Janus Station. The United Federation of Planets and Serenity Concord regularly send vessels to other, new, realities as well as ones which are more well known. Mostly attempting to establish diplomatic and economic relations.

There are also a number of colonies, two City-Ships were built and sent through the gate to other realities, they maintain regular contact approximately once a month.

OOC: This means that all new arrivals need not splice in, as exploratory missions are underway to alternate realities on a regular basis, and thus someone can willingly come through the gate from a different reality.

Stargates / Janus Project

The Stargates now can be used as Trans-Dimensional Gates, even the personal ones. A gate can be opened (with enough power) to create a wormhole to another reality, so that a person can walk through the gate to another reality.

Lance Thomas and Sal D’Amico

Lance Thomas and the USS Excalibur have been spending most of their time on diplomatic missions with his XO Siv Quinn for the Concord. He is usually found in the Markab Star System and has not been seen in the Schatten System in over a year.

Sal D’Amico and the USS Olam are overseeing temporal operations for Solas Tempus and are seldom in the system, along with his XO Nuria Quinn.

Other Changes

Among some of the other changes made, are the Mark X Information Assistant androids, which are now in wider use, though still being tested. Though a perplexing problem has been that often the units become self aware and then have to either be terminated or repaired. Approximately 3 dozen exist currently, all of which have developed into fully self aware artificial intelligence units. This has prompted a halt in production of new ones.

Currently many are being used as probes, since they are sentient they can scout out remote locations very easily. Again some controversy has been raised over if this is a moral use for an intelligent being. Detractors say that their programming prevents them from giving informed consent. Others say that since they are fully sentient AI’s and given a choice, that there is no moral grounds to object.

The debate is ongoing.

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