Fantsmas del Pasado

I have heard that the scary stories of a nation reflect its fears and sins. In America most of the horror stories relove around individuals whether a crazed person or ghost. Attacking a group of people. The same tenacity and grit that won the west for America could in turn be used , and indeed was used, for horrors. In the same vein the legend of the weeping woman from Mexico is another example.

In short the story is of that of a mestizo woman who falls in love with a spanish nobleman. They have children and live happily for a while until the nobleman marries. He shuns her and her children as he does not want to have them ruin his reputation. This causes the woman to fall into a deep depression eventually causing her to kill her children then herself. The final part is the woman going to heaven only to have god ask her for her children, telling her that she cannot enter heaven without her children. So she wanders Mexico looking for her children crying out for them.

Now why would this be a popular story in Mexico? Simple the story lays bare Mexico’s sin. There is something that my country men do that i find disgusting, they discriminate against the full blooded natives of mexico. Much like the mestizo woman, the people of mexico chase after european culture fruitlessly. Then when europeans and white americans reject them they try to descriminate against their own in an effort to curry favor. They are willing to ‘drown their children’ in an effort to make themselves white but in the end they only hurt themselves. Lastly like how the woman was barred from heaven without her children, Mexico will never take a step in the right direction until it acknowledges its sins and mends the tears it has made in itself. Long ago it was the Mexica Empire, but with the mixing of races and culture Mexico was born. One of the most unique countries and cultures in the world. If only we Mexicans started to balance the wisdom of the natives and the ideas of the europeans then we may finally move forward then maybe the specter haunting mexco will be laid to rest. Un dia la llorona va a encontrar sus hijos.

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