Family Buisness part 2

Dimitri was in his quarters looking at a computer screen. It was a simulation of the battle the ship had faced before it spliced in. It also included a simulation of the enemy’s next move. The swarm had hit them fast and hard in an ambush and they were only alive thanks to the splice. However data acquired during the battle painted a dark picture, the swarm fleet was already moving towards Vesk prime. He ran the data again and it showed nearly the same result 99% chance that it was heading to Vesk prime.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair thinking. They where the only fleet that could have stopped them, and the attack was so swift and precise that they didn’t have the time to send a signal to warn the rest of the fleets. They were up shit creek, that fleet by itself could decimate Vesk prime and cause a huge blow to the alliance between the Veskarium and the Pact Worlds. It was possible that this strike would mean all the worlds of the milky way would be at risk of swarm invasion. Dimitri goes for a bottle of superior intoxicant when he hears a knocking on his door.

He goes to open it and sees its Draz, serious as ever. “Permission to speak with you captain” he says “permission granted” replies Dimitri then adds “Please come in i have some Darkshine if you’d like to drink”

“I do not wish to drink… when are we going to leave to defend the homeland?” Draz says impatient
"Nine months, that is how long their extra-universal portal machine will take to find our home. They cannot guarantee the date we left will be the same as when we arrive unfortunately." Dimitri says
"That is not good enough! I have a duty to my family a duty to my empire!" Draz yells
"And you think i don’t?! I may have entered that universe from my original home but it does not mean i will abandon it so easily! Did i abandon you?! When we thought death was certain did i not charge the enemy in an attempt to slow them down?! I have as much at stake here as you do!" Dimitri responds

Draz glares at him and turns around “You don’t know what its like to be in this situation. You may look like us but you can never think like us”
“Then what would you have me do? Pick a fight with a superior force? We negotiated with them to get supplies and thanks to that we are weeks away from the ship being functional and a month away from near total operability” Dimitri says
"What about weapons? We need better weapons otherwise the same thing will happen again.“Draz says, and he had a point but Dimitri was not so certain that the ones they negotiated with would allow it
"We will do with what we got, plus there are some things we can do to stop them dead in their tracks” Dimitri says

“What would that be? some ‘superweapon’ that only you know about? Something from your backwater home universe?” Draz says
"No, we have the plans for building a Gateway Ultra powercore" Dimitri states bluntly
Draz’s eyes widen “Don’t tell me you plan to use it like that? That has already been tried and it didn’t work the first time. What makes you think it will work again?” Draz asks
"Because we now have the element of surprise. They have no idea where we are and cannot predict where we may attack from. This means that they will either call off the attack or race to the capitol before we hypothetically muster our defenses. Either way if we are lucky we can catch them off guard and annihilate one of their fleets." Dimitri says calmly
"But that is suicide, we may kill them but we will perish as well" Draz states

“So what would you have us do? We are but one ship we cannot take the fleet by conventional means. And i do not think you want to rely on these ST people to help us. This is our only option to save our world Draz. I want the repair crews to work at double speed, both in repairing the ship and on building the modified powercore.” Dimitri says
"Is that an order sir?" Draz says
"It is, and i expect you to carry it out. Dismissed." Dimitri says
Draz silently leaves the room as Dimitri sits back in his chair sighing then the thought enters his brain ‘how am i going to inform Vlad?’ The only logical answer was that he couldn’t, otherwise he would try to stop him. Vlad was very loyal to friends and family, something like this was liable to break his heart. He had made his choice since in his mind his brother’s happiness was worth less than the lives of trillions. Even then, Vlad was in good company the people of the station would surely help him cope and maybe one day understand. He was angry that his time with Vlad would be cut short like that but he was happy to know he was alive.

Dimitri takes a swig of Darkshine, he decides to enjoy the time he has left with his younger brother.

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