Family Bonds (Alexander and Alyshan)

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It had been a day or two after Alexander had met Alyshan for the first time during the little family meet and greet they had, His father had personally told him everything that happened and why he adopted Alyshan but alexander didnt really care much about it, by now he expected his father to do something stupid like this so it didnt phase him one bit

Alex had just gotten up and taken a shower before he decided to go workout in the penthouse like he did every morning, he didnt expect anyone to be up at this hour so he thought ‘fuck it Ill workout shirtless’

Alexander finds Aly working on a painting, watercolor by the look of it. She’s painting the view out of the penthouse window by the pool. She’s in a thin sun dress blowing lightly in the wind, it is clear that she didn’t expect to see anyone this early in the morning.

Alexander stares at her for a bit, he normally doesn’t see anyone around the house at this hour of the day but then again aly is new to the family so he couldn’t exactly predict when she’d be up and about. He slowly walks up behind her and looks at the painting before gently poking her side

She jumps a bit as he pokes her and then looks at him with a slight blush on her cheeks before it fades a few moments after. “Oh.” she says and then smiles, “I’m just trying to paint the sunrise.” she says quietly. The painting is an impressionist kind of style, more what the sunrise feels like rather than looks like. It is good, not superb by any means, but she has a fair amount of skill.

‘Hi’ alexander says as he looks at her then back to the painting ‘Didnt expect anyone else to be up this earlier in the morning, it’s usually just me…nice painting by the way, it looks great lil sis’ he says as he runs his hands through his hair and stretches a bit

She shivers a bit as he runs his hands through her hair, it wasn’t something she was used to someone doing and it felt so awkwardly familiar that she immediately looks down saying quietly, as if talking to the floor, “Uh… Thanks.” stuttering just a bit at the touch and his comment. Outwardly, it would be impossible to tell if she was shivering in a good way or a bad way as he touched her, either way it was short lived and she felt relief when his hand left her hair.

he yawned as he stares at aly ‘Are you…normally up alot around this time or is this just a one time thing?’ he asked as he walked in front of her to get a better look at the painting

She stepped back from the painting to give him room and to put a bit of distance between her and him. She was very much away that he didn’t have a shirt on, the way he touched her hair made her a bit nervous - though not scared just nervous. She takes a moment to find the words, “I don’t sleep very well sometimes, and sometimes the sunrise makes me feel a bit better.” Her voice is quiet and a bit meek, as if she doesn’t want to upset him there there is almost an undercurrent of a question to her voice, as if she’s silently asking if this is ok.

Aly would be able to see the fair amount of scars on Alexanders back as well as his tattoo which read “Rebel” on his back ‘So you couldnt sleep? why didnt you come wake one of us or something we couldve helped out a bit you know sis’ he said as he turned back to her with a yawn as he scratched his head

She stays quiet for a few moments, surprised by the offer to help - since no one had ever been able to help her fall or stay asleep when this struck, she finally says, “A lot of reasons, I guess.” she says, “When I can’t sleep I just can’t sleep.” she shrugs, “I end up with people who stay up with me sometimes, but seldom do I fall asleep.”

‘Alot of reasons you say?’ Alexander says as he walks towards her and smiles before he gently pokes her forehead with two fingers ‘I used to have something similar to that when I was younger…could never fall asleep I was always up screwing about or something…kinda the reason why I get up early to go workout’ he said with a small chuckle ‘never could figure out a reason to it but it’s whatever…now though since I’ve got a little sister experiencing the same thing I gotta find some way to help’

She frowns, “Please don’t poke me.” she rubs her forehead. It wasn’t that it hurt, but it was a reflexive reaction to it. She looks at him, “So you never figured out why, what did you do to get to sleep then?”

‘Shit sorry sis…’ he says as he scratches his neck ‘Well to get sleep I normally just trained till I passed out…but most times I couldnt do that…so I sat around read some books or talked to people’

“I paint.” she says quietly, “It’s like the world falls away you know? Like perhaps I could get lost in the water colors?” She smiles at that, “On the ship with Michael and Joseph, there wasn’t ever a lot of space to paint, well… That’s not fair, there was a lot of space and they’d have let me set up to paint anything, just… Not a lot of vista’s like this to paint.”

‘Thats expected since well…its a ship…not much to paint in general unless you like painting walls…or the endless darkness of space’ he said softly as he grabbed his hoodie and threw it on 'Do you want me to buy you some paints?"

She shrugs then, “I have a lot of paints, the brothers give me a cut… I got a message from them, they are on their way back to the station.” she looks down seeming to feel guilty, “They don’t know what happened here, I don’t know what to tell them.” she seems heavily conflicted, “Jo… Dad… No, John…” she settles on it nodding to herself, “John, said we’d never make it back, so, I never though I’d see them again.” Somewhere in her mind if she thought back to the conversation, she knew that John never actually said that but she also knew that he let her believe it and even helped her believe it, “I like them, I really do, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore. I half expected to never hear from them again, gone for months.” she sighs and sets her paints down. “That’s why I can’t sleep. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

‘You need to remember my…our…fathers a complete idiot as well…’ he says with a slight hint of anger in his tone which made him clench his fist a bit ‘but you’re conflicted on what to tell them…I’m no expert and such but’ he slowly walks towards her and pokes her heart ‘do what this tell you to do’

She puts her hand over where he poked her, “You all refer to your father as an idiot, I don’t understand.” she looks at her hand over where he poked her, “I thought he wanted to marry me, but… I know that was silly, sex after a drink at the bar,” she sighed heavily, “I’m just a fool, it isn’t like I don’t know that. I just thought finally someone really wanted to be with me.” she pauses but it was clear she wasn’t done, as she takes a seat on one of the benches, “Michael, he would have me, but I don’t think he really wants me. It’s hard to explain.”

‘Because my father has been an idiot to us all ever since birth…’ Alexander says angrily ‘Look my father…does really want to be with you but not like marriage…youre not a fool sis…trust me’

She looks at Alexander and sighs, still sitting there, “I don’t know that I can…” she tries to find a polite way to say what she wants to say, “Lay in his bed… Not knowing he’s married. I feel… Played with.” she sighs again, “All the things that happened, the brothers, neither of them, ever made me feel that way. I mean they did a lot of things that I didn’t like, nothing physical but they aren’t always very nice to each other and I hated it when they fought or Michael drank but…” she trails off, “I don’t know Alexander.”