Fall In (Aki, Amber, and Others)

Ok, this thread is a continuation from the introductions of @Spartan_889’s group of new characters and has @Red_the_heretic playing Aki and anyone else he feels like. Others can join in, it will start with the landing of the Jumpers. I, @titanshadow, will be playin Amber Cross.

The 3 jumpers, 2 for people and 1 for equipment headed into the jumper bay in the Tower. It was quite and minimal people were usually there, that and the control room was very close by as well as security if they needed it. The Jumpers landed in the bay was split level, the 3 jumpers landed all on the first level. Amber had been quite for the ride, assuming no one asked her anything. She was in the 1st jumper with people while Aki was in the 2nd.

Once landed Amber gives a nod to the pilot and copilot before walking to the rear and opening the hatch, “I know this is all strange, so if you have any questions, please ask.”

“That I do.” Vizsla said, self proclaimed leader of the recently spliced in Zeon Mobile Suits turned Human. Her helmet mono-eye flash red as it swivels to the sides of her helmet observing the seemingly large hangar bustling with all kinds of activity. From Yellow jackets taxiing a assortment of spacecraft both military and civilian, White Jackets doing quick inspection of the spacecraft wings, tails and a assortment of checks. Then there’s the colorful mix of Purple, Blue and Green jackets doing their own essential tasks at hand.

And lastly were the Red Jackets quickly loading and outfitting several military fighters and interceptors with fresh ammunition and ordenance.

“Where are we?” She asked. “Where is this place and how did we get here?”

Aki had stepped our around the same time as Amber did and was adjusting his coat, while telling the shinko to return to base as well

“Oh! oh! I can answer miss vizsla!” he said happily, like he was in a classroom and had to wait to be called on

Amber looked at Aki, “Please, enlighten our guests?” generally amused as the attitude of Aki as if this was some kind of classroom, Amber had never thought of being a teacher and the image of her being one just made her laugh more – her tendency to like certain kinds of attention would not go over well in such a place.

“Yes!” Aki said happily as he looked at amber and smiled before looking back to vizsla “we’re on nimbus station!”

“Nimbus?” Vizsla responded, curious about the station. “I supposed it some sort of Military installation system right?” The Zaku custom inquired.

Amber chimes in then, “It is, yes. It is a city-ship, but you should be aware that you are not in the same reality you came from, which is a hard concept to understand. I’m sure you have questions, however, for now…” Amber gets out PADD’s and such and starts to get information.

We can skip to the end so we assume that Amber gets baseline information on everyone unless you want to RP it out.

(Sure. we can do that. Vizsla will want to work with Solas Tempus due to numerous reasons.)

Amber records information from everyone in the group and takes them to sickbay to be checked out. It is already busy but given the size of the station they are in a different area as the others; so there is no overlap of the three groups seeing each other. Still, this group is medically checked out and such – this is where things get more complicated though, what would the scans actually show for these former-mech’s turned into people?

And that was soon answered as the medical scans were completed and the results of the scan reviewed. It was safe to say that the results were shocking, to say the least. The entire body from within was a whole jumble of circuitry wires mix and merge together with a human nervous system, metal-ceramic like bones , increased human tissue and muscle density, enhanced rods, and cones of the subject’s retina with visual sensory equipment merged together, and more. It was one massive jigsaw puzzle of flesh and metal merge into one.

A synthetic-organic essentially.

Something that puzzled the doctors immensely.

Yeah the doctors had no idea what to do with this, at all. It was similar in some ways to records of Borg encounters, in that the Borg “Hue” that the Enterprise encountered was noted to have similar margins in some ways – of course there was the Case Study by the EMH from Voyager had published recently on Seven of Nine and her physiology… Still, they were a long way from understanding all of this.

They talked to Amber in private and let her know the quandary. The big question was, were they all ok? If they were not, could they be healed or… Repaired… Or whatever? The doctors were puzzled to say the least, so went back to basics and relied on interview questions on how the person felt, which was hit or miss but better than nothing.

“Is this really necessary?” Vizsla asked, her helmet now off showing her human facial features and hair for all to see. Next to her was her Zaku Stahlhelm helmet with gasmask module besides it as she was told to take off for more thorough scans.

Honestly, she didn’t see the point. Looking at the doctor responsible for the scans on her and her fellow Zeon comrades, she speaks. “Doc, I’m very sure there’s nothing wrong with me.”

The doctor looks at her, “Well, if the reports are accurate, it appears that yesterday you were a machine and now you’re a cybernetic organism and you have no idea how you got that way.” the Doctor isn’t being unfriendly just blunt, she pulls up the scans, “It appears that you’re humanoid with significant cybernetic alterations; or in your case, significant biological alterations. Though to be honest, I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything like this. So if you don’t mind, we would like to make sure that you’re safe before we release you all. Plus, studying what has happened to you might help us with the others. The two others you showed up with are still unconscious and another one is missing a leg.”

OOC: Ok, lets FF through the questions about how she feels, suffice it to say she IS fine unless you want it otherwise. Also, do her scans indicate how to help the others at all?

(Sure thing.)

After going through several questions in regards about her origins to better understand her body, she answered their questions of how a Mobile Suit works essentially which explained the massive heat detection and energy readings coming from within the center of her chest where her heart is located, plus telling them she was a modified high-performance version of her lesser compatriots.

“Am I done here now doc?” She asked again, slightly impatient given that she was most likely needed elsewhere. “And I said again, I’m fine. Though this human body is quite a new experience but nonetheless I believe can handle it.”

The doctor did think she was essentially fine but then said, “Do you have a date or something?” but didn’t expect it to be answered.

Amber looks at her then and begins,“We haven’t even had time to really explain everything to you that’s happened… I suppose first thing is first though…” Then she goes and gets a PADD first and the communicator, “Here is what we call a PADD, it is operated on a touch screen and contains all the essential information about the station, it is yours, think of it like a personal computer or other such thing. Operations should be be assigning you quarters soon, if they haven’t already.” Amber pauses and then gives her the communicator, “This is your communicator, it does a lot of things, accesses the main computer and serves as a way to identify you on the station and in any facility associated with us. You should keep it on at all times, the system will continuously recharge itself.”

The Doctor is caring for others at this point, “Now, I’m sure you’ve got some questions, and if you don’t you should because this is going to be a big change.”

Unfortunately for Vizsla, she didn’t really understand human culture and romance given the fact she was once a war machine that usually ended up staying in the Mobile Suit hangars after or before a battle. Her head tilts to the side, confused with what the doctor said.

“Date? You mean today’s date? To my knowledge, it should be 0080.08.21 UC time.” She answered. Her attention turns to Amber who gave her two pieces of technology which was a Datapad of sorts and a really advanced looking watch she ever laid eyes on. Listening to Amber’s explanation of the technological items she just received. She can’t help but feel amazed at the amount of technology in the watch at first as it beats all kinds of tech made by both the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon including the Gundams too.

She wondered how she was going to operate this watch since it cant really fit on her armored gauntlet for the meantime until some necessary adjustments is made. Looking back up at Amber who just asked her what kind of questions she might have and the woman before her was right in a sense.

Vizsla opens her mouth to speak but paused for a moment to take in her surroundings. Her eyes scanned her fellow Zeons undergoing similar checks, noting the faded olive paint, scratches, small dents and scars on their seasoned armor. Taking the time think of what she was going to say until now.

“Not much to say actually. Given what has happened recently.” She lets out an empty chuckle. “I’m just a outdated suit and a useless one put into storage to collect dust since my pilot passing and with no one capable enough to pilot me.”

“Not only that, the war I was involved is now over with my nation loosing. So there’s no purpose for this old war machines when their making much more advanced and efficient ones.”

Amber listens, “I don’t know about where you come from but… You’re not a mobile suit anymore, however it has happened, you’re a person. We don’t throw people away, so, take a moment. I’m sure that you will have questions, even if perhaps none now.” she watches as the woman tries to fit the communicator onto the armor, “We usually put those on under the armor. Which you won’t need to wear while indoors, though thinking about it, I can see how strange this must be fore you. How about we, get you out of that armor and into some clothes?”

Vizsla chuckles, amused by the woman’s statement of her no longer being a machine. Mainly the irony of the statement of how she was now a person but not a machine meant for death and destruction. She will always be a machine made for war. Letting the woman fix the watch onto her armored wrist, albeit with some difficulties which she then suggest to her of taking her armor off and put on some civilian clothing which she didn’t mind. Only problem is, she did not know how to take her armor at all.

“Well that’ll be nice if we know how to take off my armor that is.” She joked. But mentally thinking of a way to do so. Unknown to her and Amber, the armor she wore did so.

Immediately, a sudden flash of light envelopes her entire form, shining for a good three seconds before dying down later to reveal Vizsla only in her back form-fitting undersuit which showed her slender yet firmed and muscular form with a notable six pack showing.

“Uhhhh what?” Her mind trying to process at the sudden disappearance of her armor.

Everyone startles a bit, except Amber and the nurse… “Did you know that would happen?” she asks quietly, the nurse checks the tricorder, “Matter-energy signature, like a replicator recycling material.” she says looking at Amber who nods, “Not unlike our own battle armor in emergency deployment.”

No one mentions how attractive the girl is, no one is thinking along those lines, the communicator falls to the ground, but the display shows… “The armor, triggered the encapsulated computer core…” Amber says as she picks it up, “I didn’t know it could do that.” Realizing that the watch’s pattern buffer now held the armor in stasis.

Vizsla just sat there confused at what has transpired mainly to the fact that her armor disappeared on her just like that. Next thing that confuses more was the technobabble that she was hearing from the nurse and Amber were talking about.

“Ummmmm…what?” She finally spoke up, signaling them her confusion at the subject of their conversation.