Fair Folk Sighted

Originally published at: Fair Folk Sighted – Molten Aether News

Recent missives have raised the questions about times gone by. Small towns in the mountains have told of fair folk being sighted in the woods. The Fae have not been seen in the world since the Backlash when the Peace of Ages was formed. The ancient mistake which lead to the Backlash has been a source of sorrow for the Souls Templar. The Templar takes personal responsibility for the Backlash which pushed the Fae out of this world, banishing them with the Dark Fae. If the Fae have returned to the world it could herald the return of evil and the war.

Long ago years after the Peace of Ages, when the Ageless Ones left this world they spoke of a prophecy, that war would return and warned that the people would have to be vigilant and not allow old grudges to return. The prophecy is unclear, only the Souls Templar has the original text, they say this will allow them to divine if the prophecy is coming true.

If the Fae have returned… What do they want? Many worry that they will want revenge for the Backlash.