Fae-Human Hybrid

I want to do a page on the changeling, the fae-human hybrid which includes baseline information on how they are created, to go along with my next push to update the wiki pages.

Any help would be appreciated, @darktrooper501.

This is what I got, the archetypes are mostly copied from world of darkness with minor edits.

Kith-Human hybrids are known as changelings. Much like the Fey-human hybrids kith changelings start out looking like a normal human and at the age of twelve they undergo a chrysalis and awaken to their kith side. Once that happens they become a true changeling able to walk in the nor.al world and the dream lands. The kith archetype they become depends on chance though there is a certain bias towards the same archetype as the father.

There are two ways to create a changeling. The first is for a human woman to be impregnated by a male kith. The second is for a changeling female to be impregnated by either a kith, a human or another changeling. Unlike fae-human changelings, Kithian changelings are not hybrids in the strictest sense of the word. Instead they are a human with two souls, one of a human and one of a Kithian.

Owing to their ability to interact with both the normal world and the dreamlands, changelings are able to use dream magic to affect the real world and are able to bring non kiths into the dreamlands. Their dual nature also results in an interesting sense of reality where they see the dreamlands 'overlaid on top’ of normal reality. Just like bringing humans over to the dreamlands without them being asleep, changelings are able to enchant mortals with dreamessence so that for a short time they too can interact with the world in the way humans do.

The Kithian archetypes are made up of nine main categories.

Boggans are dreams of hearth and home. Down-to-earth attitude and simple taste often result in an impression of humorlessness, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are simply dedicated to their chosen (‘salt-of-the-earth’) craft, and find no greater joy than that of a job well done.
Eshu are dreams of wanderlust and adventure. Often viewed as frivolous thrill-seekers and wastrels by their more staid cousins, these kith are in fact seekers–and sharers–of knowledge and experience. Nothing brings as much joy as a well-crafted tale, and nothing is more important than freedom and dignity.
Nockers are dreams of creation and frustration. Master artisans and antisocial mamzers, they are passionately dedicated to their craft and vocally… dismissive of anything not meeting their impossibly high standards. Despite their dour natures and sharp tongues, they do have romantic souls–which, unfortunately, they can only express through their (always flawed) creations.
Pooka are dreams of innocence and play. Mischievous pranksters, lazy ne’er-do-wells, incorrigible liars, their outer laughter hides an inner sorrow as wide as the Sundering. Cursed by their innocence to feel the pain of the world, they fight back with the only tool at their disposal: Laughter. Each pooka has an affinity with a certain animal. They bear a resemblance to this animal even in mortal seeming, and can even take the animal’s form.
Redcaps are dreams of violence and hunger. Looked down on as vile and disgusting, they never pass up a chance to revel in the reputation. They see themselves as oppressed by the sun-loving, pantywaist girlie-elves, and respond by sporting the baddest attitude in the land.
Satyrs are dreams of passion and freedom. Passion for music, drinking, sex, sports, art. Every satyr has all-consuming passions. Hardly mindless hedonists, though, they believe that the path to wisdom–and liberation–can be found only in excess.
Sidhe are dreams of beauty and nobility. These beauteous kith consider themselves the ordained rulers over their lesser fellows, and it too often shows in their bearing.
Sluagh are dreams of secrets and cold terror and things that go ‘skritch’ in the night. Reviled pariahs, draped in rags or old finery, sluagh dwell in darkness. They are the secret-keepers, assassins and spymasters of the fae.
Trolls are dreams of honor and duty–their honor is literally their strength. Loyal to a fault and near-stoic as stone, they have been at times bitter rivals and at times staunch allies of the Sidhe. More than anyone, these warriors are guardians of the commoners.

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