Explosion in the Desert

Originally published at: Explosion in the Desert – Molten Aether News

A massive underground explosion took place in the desert outside of Los Angeles at exactly 8:00 pm on Tuesday January 1st, 2019. Rescue teams were dispatched from Los Angeles immediately, however military units arrived on site shortly after and have declared an the area to be a restricted zone, rescue workers were not permitted entry, claiming national security.

The mayor of Los Angeles has filed an official protest with the United States Navy, who reportedly is somehow involved with how the land is used. However, the land itself is owned by a company RTL Holdings LLC, the CEO is named as one Edward Brass and has not responded to any contact attempts.

First responders initial reports have been classified as top secret, and restricted from the public. Two recordings of the initial back-and-forth between 1st responders arriving on site and dispatch have leaked, though their authenticity has yet to be verified. Both recordings are from different divisions, one from the California Department of Forestry and the other from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Both recordings have officers and firemen talking about a blue-green flame and waves of some unknown form of energy coming off of a massive glowing blue ball before the recordings are cut. If these recordings are true, experts remain unsure as to what kind of event could have caused such combustion and suggest that perhaps toxic fumes caused hallucinations.