Exploring The Old Frontier (Will / Concord)

USS Sword of Damocles
Orbit of Galileo-23546f, Galileo-23546 Star System
0300 Hours, August 24th, 2381

For Commander William Foulke, there were few moments where he felt truly in his element. These environments were often involved in the operation of some vehicle or system, and in this particular instance, the captain’s chair aboard a Defiant-class starship was his area of comfort. It took a lot to remove that gnawing feeling of despair and loneliness that seemed to increase the further he wandered from home. But the concept of home seemed all the more distant to him these days. Where exactly was home? Was it somewhere in the reaches of the Barrier Nebula of the Sirius Sector, nestled in some officer’s quarters aboard a sleek warship of transhumanist intention? Or in a quiet back alley, smushed in between two collapsing housing projects on the eastern banks of New Boston’s massive harbor? Perhaps it instead lay in this new galaxy full of faces he struggled to recall, even if he never knew them, in some misguided effort to place a personal history or heritage in this emotional and social purgatory. The answer wasn’t an easy one to come to. It rarely ever was with his questions.

He sat in the quietly authoritative chair of command amid the rest of the bridge, sipping on that jolting cocktail of caffeinated Klingon delight known as a raktajino. It was certainly one perk of being stranded in this brave new world.

Something was different this time, however. The planet on the viewscreen wasn’t some godforsaken barren wasteland, nor was it a gaseous monster that loomed over everything below a star in size. It was blue and green and beautiful, resplendent in the azure and white light of the stars it orbited. Two moons, one white and pockmarked like Luna and another red-orange with Martianesque rust, adorned its vicinity. Paradise beckoned in front of the Sword of Damocles.

Will wasted little time.

“Begin probing and surveying of this planet and other significant celestial bodies in the system at once. Inform the Admiralty of our findings immediately. Provide a live feed of our findings, if you can,” he ordered with a look of stern command that barely hid his childlike joy at the prospect of finding a new home. Even his embittered veteran of a heart, with all its lifetime of wounds and pain, could not defend itself against the primal ecstasy for exploration that resided in the nomadic soul of every human being.

Not long after he put the call into the Admiralty, he got a response… A communication came in from Fleet Admiral Poole… “This is Fleet Admiral Poole to Captain Fouke, come in please.” Something about her tone was one that would broach no indication of anything other than impatience and cynicism. If that voice was to be believed, she was cold, calculating, and had no bones about it.

Short reply, I know.

William stood up with his hands behind his back whilst addressing the admiral. He seemed a bit more lively than at their first meeting and certainly looked more at home.

“Foulke here. Admiral, I believe that in our search for Imperial forces, we have stumbled upon a truly magnificent find. A Class M planet not too dissimilar from Earth with what appears to be a substantial ecosphere and ideal living conditions. It’s not too far away from Concord territory, and the system itself seems to have ample resources. I’ll send the live video feed to you now.”

Admiral Poole would find a small window of her viewscreen would be showing the planet and its moons in detail.

“I think… I think we’ve stumbled upon paradise, admiral.”

She nods, “I agree Captain, please send a survey team, scan for intelligent, or near intelligent life, anything that might be an obstacle to use of the planet. Meanwhile, the person who discovers such a world, usually gets the name it.” she smiled at him, “Keep me updated, but once you get an orbital scan done for a good sized region, I’d send down a survey team to take direct readings of the planet and animal life. Be careful though, we don’t want to harm the ecosystem.”

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