Exploring a Derelict - XO - Emily Newton

This is for the Exploring a Derelict plot.

Emily has a hungry need to experience new things. She is willing to put up with the boredom and ties to her corporate job in order to be free enough to get out into space and do / see new things. She’s restless and hates boredom with a passion. She craves adventure, especially into unusual situations. She has a love for everything out of the ordinary. With a strong dislike for the military, fighting, and inflexible rules she was drawn to private space services where discipline wasn’t so harsh and she had more room to breathe.


Emily is well organized and sure of herself. She’s a dreamer though and thinks outside the box making her very resourceful. Growing up how she did she’s stingy with resources and somewhat pretentious about it with the way she can be overly formal when it comes to thinks like scarce resources and money. She also prone to being a bit complacent though and that sometimes gets in her way. She often gets in her own way professionally, needing reminders and supervision to get things done. She can do them, and do them well, but has trouble with the mundane tasks of life.


  • Pilot of Small / Medium Spacecraft
  • Pilot of Small Aircraft
  • Speaks English, Klingon, and Romulan


Emily is known for being a quick thinker, she often seems lucky but that isn’t entirely true. As often as not she makes her own luck getting out of tight situations by thinking outside the box.


She grew up on Cygnus Minor. There were a lot of food shortages growing up and she blames the Federation / Starfleet for it leading to her strong distrust of government, especially the Federation. Her parents died in the famine and she was taken by her grandparents back to Earth. One of her proudest days was when she got her pilots wings and shortly after a job as a pilot for a private company where she could see the stars.

Her younger years were not without trouble, she was kicked out of two secondary schools for fighting. She was trying to protect others but ended up in some pretty nasty fights, getting beaten up pretty bad but giving as good as she got. To this day Emily doesn’t think she did anything wrong and she wasn’t the problem, the rules were the problem.