Exploring a Derelict Thoughts?

This idea bounces around me head every now and then. In fact those who’ve been here long enough will remember that the idea of a derelict ship was a major part of the initial plot line for the server, way back before I knew about Discord. Most Science Fiction shows set in space do a bit on this from time to time. I even wanted to do something like it back with the Akron Mystery plot, though it got screwed up because I just tired to do it by the seat of my pants.

I don’t want this to be a reboot of the Akron plot, but perhaps some similar point. Basic idea is… Old ship that shouldn’t be there, drifting in space, some mystery aboard… Team goes aboard, has to solve the mystery to get home.

I’m eager for thoughts on the topic. I also wouldn’t mind perhaps attempting something similar to what I wanted to do in the first place to open up the setting.

I like the idea, Darelect ships can be great places for adventure, mystery or just collecting it

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