Exploring a Derelict Plot Notes


A vessel presumed destroyed (the USS Cosmic Harmony) is located. The vessel was presumed lost with all hands in 2309 after a long carrier in Starfleet and being sold to the organization 7 Years Enterprises. Records indicate it was a survey vessel when it was lost though records to not show any attempt by the company to recover the vessel nor a report that the vessel had been destroyed. It is still listed as missing. The vessel is detected as being fully intact though without signs of functioning propulsion of any kind.

Players discover the vessel and are sent aboard to discover the nature of the disappearance after a lone signal is detected from the ship which does not appear to be automated. The prevailing question is whether or not someone is still alive on the vessel and if so, what happened to the crew.

The owners of the ship, 7 Years Enterprises, do not want the ship to be discovered. Players must then locate, board, and unravel the mystery before 7 Years Enterprises shows up to stop them. Not only is there a humanitarian angle but the prospect that something deeply valuable is on that ship.

Plot Elements

The Derelict Ship

What really happened to the ship?

The ship’s captain recovered an unknown life form floating in space. It appears to be alive and brings it aboard. The life form begin to alter effect the crew and make them turn on each other, prompting the remaining crew who were still lucid enough to disable the ship having failed to destroy the ship entirely.

Why doesn’t the company want it found?

They do want it found but want to study the life form for potential use as a biological weapon of some kind. They know bits of pieces of what happened having the last log entries the ship transmitted but are unaware of the ships actual location. They covertly searched for the ship for decades before giving up presuming the crew was successful in destroying the ship.

The life form on board if discovered will also reveal that the company was engaged in illegal smuggling of dangerous life forms from unexplored space.

The ship also has what was, at the time, an illegally developed AI with the sole purpose of carrying out the mission objectives even if the crew chose not to. The AI was given the ability and authority to completely take over the ship if it became necessary.

Ships AI


Alien Life Form


Act 1


Act 2


Act 3