Exploring a Derelict - CO - Monroe Donovan

This is the ships CO from Exploring a Derelict.

Monroe wants a little excitement and to forget the past and he’ll head out into space until his food or fuel run low, whichever forces him to turn back first. He’s got an adventuring spirit and loves being in space, hates to be tied down to a place. He likes freedom, solitude, and quiet with a strong dislike for busy places. He isn’t a boaster, he doesn’t brag about much or even talk that much. Truth and honesty are very important to him.

He’s trustworthy, low key, and has a sense of humor. Experienced and used to trusting his instincts he tends to see through situations to the heart pretty well. He lacks any formal manners or training, most everything he’s learned he learned on his own. He tends to be emotionally closed off and finds it difficult to trust anyone.


  • Piloting Small / Medium Sized Spacecraft


Exceptional spatial reasoning skills and particularly good when running at high speed, greater reflex times than average.


He was born on the Rigel Colony growing up with merchants and traders. He grew up and immediately learned to be a pilot at the hands of those same traders, doing odd jobs and learning what he could. Eventually he became a freelance trader himself. He got married at the age of 16 and had 2 children. He tried to stand up to the mob in his early 20’s and demand they stop asking for protection money. This failed he they put a bounty on his head, so he had to run.

He often thinks about trying to stand up to the mob and while it grates him, he wishes that he’d just paid the money. Blames himself for failing to protect his family and so far as he knows, that bounty is still on his head.