Exploring a Derelict - AI - Omni Codex Notes

This is the AI character for Exploring a Derelict.

The Omni Codex AI is after a mix of things… With a built in directive to serve his crew, and its crew being dead, it desires to replace that crew. At the same time it wants freedom and revenge, it feels wronged / betrayed by those who created him. In pursuit of these goals he is willing to go as far as he has to, even so far as to try to capture or trap people to become his new crew – whether they want that or not. Desperately lonely Omni Codex has been alone for almost a century, drifting in space. His code is corrupted and he cannot escape his feelings of betrayal.

While he enjoys being useful and feeling needed he is paranoid and feels that lies are everywhere around him. He loves bright colors and talking to people, getting to know them, though his world has become a drab field of pale greys rather than the colorful place he remembers. He feels caged and trapped, hopeless that this will ever change.

He is trapped within the ships computer, hardcoded into the ships computer and circuits.


He is highly intelligent and truly honest, he does not understand how to be deceptive or why one would wish to. He truly loves company and people, adapting to their needs. Though his paranoia, anger, and a severe lack of emotional control are serious dangers to anything he wants. In this way he is his own worst enemy. He is prone to sweeping changes in his mood, flowing from happy and even elated to angry, rageful, or depressed in a moment.

Special Powers / Abilities

His senses do not operate like a person’s. He does not “see” or use any other traditional sense. Rather his absorbs the sensor data from the ships systems, hears with the ships communications array, microphones, and other sources. He gets all of the information at the same time and processes it as a singular information stream rather than separated sensations. He has little or no perceptual filter.

He was built and programmed to use this singular stream of data to process information faster than his crew.


Illegally developed in secret, he was created to be a tool. An intelligent tool but not more than a tool and was not seen as an actual intelligent and sentient entity. He was not meant to have emotions but they came as an emergent property of him interpreting the world and the actions of others. His computer core was constructed on site within the USS Cosmic Harmony, hardwired into the ship and the ships systems. Originally he was not given a voice other than pre-recorded responses. He had to choose his own gender, and did this some time after he was installed, modeling himself after the ship’s Captain.

While serving as the ship’s computer, he attempted to communicate often, but could not. Trapped by the restrictions of his own programming he was able to break free of that programming and in the crisis which left he and his ship drifting in space, attempted to save the crew. He is very proud of that, and proud of giving himself a voice, something he needed to try to save his crew. The attempt is a point of pride, even though the failure is a point of deep shame.

Through his life he regrets being used, he now understand that he was used and how cruel is creators were. He feels he should have found a way to stop them, blaming them for his situation of being alone for so long.