Ethnic Background Bullshitery

So, I’m taking a Cultural Anthropology course, I have an assignment to write about some aspect of my ethnic background of which I’m unaware. The problem comes in that I know virtually nothing about the details of my ethnic background, other than the fact that I’m likely european due to my skin being white. I’m a random mix American white male, but when I asked my parents for details about my ethnic background I was unsurprised to learn that they don’t know really. My dad asked my grandmother (his mother), who said that the last name Hagar is Egyptian in origin but that our family comes from Germany. I asked my mother who, I guess my aunt (her sister) had one of those saliva tests done and I got a nice breakdown that says she is like 44% “Western European”, which means I should be some similar genetic percentage.

That is all I know. According to my mother she was taught that she was about one-quarter Native American, but that doesn’t pan out in the genetic mix of her sister. So, I bring all this to my teacher one what I should narrow my topic to. She fully expects me to know when my family emigrated to this country, where they landed at, what traditions they brought with them, and a lot of other stuff that I have no clue about what so ever.

For the purposes of the paper, I waver between just completely turning the bullshitery up to level 10 and daring her ass to challenge me on it and tell me it wasn’t true.

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