Episode 1 - Into the Darkness

So after a long wait, @stellar-horizon, we are going to get into the actual mission.

After some weeks in space, the crew of the Stellar Horizon are able to become familiar with their positions on the ship and the ship itself. The few things for which the crew had noticed still being issues had been repaired. It was pretty normal for the initial piloting crew to miss things being fixed and the final crew to get everything else ready.

The crew had the full briefing of the mission. They were to head to a planet on the other side of Janus Gate and investigate the possibility that they could establish either a trade relationship or mining rights with the indigenous people after verifying that there is indeed the metal known as Naquadah, which was needed to build new Stargates. The crew was given the location of the planet and the sensor probe data.

The planetary system had been dubbed XJ-765-022719, but most just referred to it as System 719. The mission focuses on the 5th planet in the system, a Class P planet which is uninhabitable without environment suits. There is a Class M world, the 1st planet in the system. It is unknown if the planet has existing intelligent life.

The Stellar Horizon is dispatched through the Janus Gate some light years from the target system in a location that has proven to be largely devoid of other activity, to avoid premature contact with unknown civilizations. The reception before the departure is lavish and celebrates all involved, giving the crew the usual do us proud kind of speech from the Governor and from Admiral D’Amico.

Once on the other side of the gate, the wormhole closes and the Stellar Horizon is on its own…

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