Epiales Dougenis Tiefling character application

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Epiales 
|fullname= Epiales Dougenis 
|race= Tiefling
|alignment= Lawful Evil
|gender= Male
|height= 5'4"
|weight= 173
|haircolor= Black
|eyecolor= Red
|age= 20
|dob= June 20, 2002
|birthplace= Tripoli, Greece
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= Indentured Servant
|figure= short, with devil horns, wings and tail
|setting= Angelic Sins 

Hardheaded but codependent on scraps of love from parent. He is devoted and self sufficient but struggles to see solutions outside of his own perspective.

== Special Abilities ==
*Basic Flame Magic
*Basic Warding Magic

== Special Skills ==
*High School level education
*Basic Sword training
*Basic Mixed Martial Arts

== Background ==
Epiales was born from a deal between a Greek man and the demon Nebiros. When the man had his firstborn it appeared normal at first but after a few months the child’s infernal nature was expressed. Soon Nebiros arrived to claim his payment.

Epiales like Nebiros’ other children was a slave to his father from the start. Merely trained to do his father’s bidding and only shown affection sparsely to mold him into a loyal servant. This led him to be codependent on his father despite his neglect and abuse towards him. He constantly chases the high of approval and has no trouble in doing heinous things to others in this pursuit.

Having been trained in combat and destruction oriented magic he is used as low level muscle for his father. Enforcing the terms of minor deals Nebiros has with human mortals. Sometimes Epiales is used to deliver or receive messages for his father.

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