Enoth Upsilon (Open Ended)

A message is broadcast to the Janus station, requesting permission for the “Melpomene” to pass through the gate and dock. Upon being granted permission, the gleaming white exterior of a Balakaan science vessel would pass through the gate and dock at the station. Upon docking, the Balakaans on-board send out an individual to post an ad in the station, requesting independent contractors for a long-term military/diplomatic mission.

After going through a few arguments and a few messages back and forth between their commanding officer, the big three and few other boys from Tekkadan made their way to the scientist vessel to investigate

A certain undead cowboy walked over to the Balakaan vessel as well. He was pretty bored with being on the station and not much happening so any opportunity to get out and do something was greatly appreciated.

The vessel was large externally, but cramped on the inside. Most of the space was taken up with scientific equipment, and the ship was clearly designed for long-term voyages. The guiding arrow would direct entrants to a mess hall-come-waiting room, where a couple of crew are milling about.

“We’re gonna have to bring our own ships indra” Aki says as Indra nods before leading them into the messhall

“Fancy shit” Emile says looking over the equipment “Reminds me of Doc’s garage”

A Balakaan in an overcoat with a mechanical ring affixed to it’s skull enters the mess hall from a southern entrance and observes those gathered.
“Four people. That’s a good starting point I suppose. Not like we’re in any particular rush…”
The Balakaan checks his watch
“I suppose introductions are in order. I’m Draxian, the captain of this vessel.”

“Indra yamakage, Mobile suit captain of Tekkadan”
“Akira Takizawa! Ship captain Of Tekkadan!
The third member of the big three doesn’t say anything

“Emile, gunslinger for hire” he says with a tip of his hat

“Pilots, captains and a gunner. Yes…this could work. Any of you have any other skills?”

Indra looks at kenshi who nods a bit “we’re not the pilots you’re thinking of by the way”

“Hmm?..Ah, I apologize. Presumptuous of me, I know. What exactly do you gentlepersons pilot?”

“We well don’t pilot fighters if that’s what you assumed, we pilot Mobile suits”

“Mobile sui…Oh, you’re mech pilots? Well I’m sure we can still use your talents in our mission.”

“Yeah…mecha Pilots…” he says with a growl “Anyways we won’t be flying with you during this…

The Balakaan scratches his head.
“You’ll be using your own transport? Hmmm…that…that complicates things slightly. We’ll…we’ll need an L-space ring…no, no that could work. Yea, you can bring your own transport.

“Tsk…Yare Yare” indra mutters as he takes Aki and kenshi to the side to let the balakaan talk to Emile

“so ypu needed a gunner then, what sprt pf payments will you make?”

“How’s a cool 40,000 credits sound to you?”

“that sounds enticing enough but i need ti know what exactly i can do woth those credits. As in what can they buy and would they be worth anything here?”