Emilia Malone And the Lolita Clubber

{{Character Box
|player= HeatherW
|name= Emilia
|fullname= Emilia Malone
|altname= Emmy
|race= Human
|alignment= Chaotic Good
|gender= Female
|height= 4'7
|weight= 110 lbs
|haircolor= Red
|eyecolor= Green
|age= 21
|dob= 7/4
|creationdate= 5/2/22
|birthplace= California
|setting=Angelic Sins

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words). Emilia is more than meets the eye. She found that she is mostly kind, but when people mess with her or her friends she falls under her spitfire Irish heritage and tries to fight back. Otherwise she takes care of her own.

== Special Abilities ==
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== Special Skills ==
First aid,empathy,fighting,brawl

== Special Equipment ==
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== Background ==
Born in a little place in California,her Irish parents never let her forget where she came from, Dublin Ireland. Now, with her wanting to make it on her own,her small self made her way to here,getting a job at a local club off of happen chance. And now…she brings a bit of flare to the crew and a lot more money in for herself,her family and her establishment.

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Special abilities: Fire magic user. Can manipulate fire,or make fire from nothing for multiple different purposes.
Healing: Minor healing to start. Cuts scrapes and brusies look like the embers of her wounds are slowly falling back into place.

Equipment: Phone, Car,First aid kit, Laptop,lolita dresses and normal clothing.