Embers of Soteria (perhaps even AS) XIA's

So, this came from Discord where Winter made a comment saying the Homunculi Wars on EoS and it started a thing…

Magically constructed fairy-like beings that were not born but rather created…

What would they be like?

Please, I’d love to know what people think!

You could make them as tiny elementals, and elemental construct made using a particular set of ingredients, they can be customized during the arcane construction, or over time they may adapt to embody a different element, based on how they are used. in general all XIS’s could be an aid for research in one way or another… for example:

Fire would be that it’s primary purpose is attacking / setting things on fire, it can also be used to provide light in dark areas.

Water is healing / supportive in nature, so they make medical XIAs

Air would make great messengers, known for their speed, and they can help shorten times of travel by providing tail winds.

Earth, can detect minerals and other resources, as well as can strengthen others, they can also root others in place by creating sunken areas to trap people.

All of them have the magical ability of flight as well just to mention.

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