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I’ve been giving a considerable amount of thought to how to really start writing longer form stories than one can even do on a forum. I know that I like collaborating with a lot of people here on the site and I want to do some longer form projects. Perhaps some stuff dealing with the origins of Solas Tempus, or character origins, but these would be in the form of full short stories, edited, revised, edited, and all that kind of thing. This is a little hard to do on the forum, which is amazing for a lot of things (discussions, etc…) but not so grate for tracking changes. While the Wiki does an amazing job at tracking changes, I don’t really want the stories to be online and available until they are finished or nearly finished, I want some form of security in place. I mean they are just Fan Fiction on a basic level, but still.

So, I started playing with some ideas. While Microsoft Word has some amazing collaborative features they are, well mostly for people who pay for such things. A lot of people don’t have Microsoft Word or if they do it could be any one of a number of versions out there. I also don’t personally like Word on the Mac, it takes a very long time to load and when it does it is a definite resource hog. I’m not looking for a lot of its features either.

I had thought about using HTML, but HTML isn’t really designed for what I want to do and tagging, CSS, and such things gets complicated. I had also thought about using what I use for my math notes, LaTeX, which is a type-setting program that can do a lot of stuff. However while it is free, the download is absolutely massive and it is the opposite of simple. It is, at a basic level, a programming language in and of itself. This is far too complicated for just writing in.

All in all I wanted something that was truly simple, where anyone who wanted to contribute could do so just by the act of starting to type. Then it really hit me, Discourse, Discord, KeyBase, Slack, GitHub, and many others on the Internet use MarkDown as a language for basic type-setting. Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, and other simple typesetting are really all a person needs and everyone already knows how to do it.

So, I’m going to start something new, I’m going to start a project of writing a story to really tell how Solas Tempus began, long before any of our PC’s get involved. This is going to be widely different from what we’ve done up until now, as it won’t involve any of the primary characters we all use (except for a few, such as Lance, Sal, Drem’s parents, etc…).

Markdown Editors

For MacOS : https://macdown.uranusjr.com
For Windows : ghostwriter

These are just examples, and there are 100’s of others, the idea being that so long as it uses MarkDown it can be used!

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