Drem death/Relic splice?

Alright, so with the new rule, I think I should go ahead and post this

So, the main reason I wanted to kill drem off was mainly just, she was a hard character to touch, she had personality changes and all that good shit, but the other reason was, I had just been planning to not use drem, but she was so fun to use in events, and I new from previous times, i would bring drem out… thats like saying your putting a time capsule underground and then you take it out every week. But my plan with ‘relic’ was a small idea, If maybe in… December, late september, I want to bring drem back, relic would be an idea, although this is a bit broken now due to the rule

relic in RP was a failed character, nobody cared to RP with relic in lots of different roleplays, I gave up and threw her out, But back in an old server named discordia palace, Relic was used as a reincarnation of my character liona, now since this is a sci-fi RP i have to think of different ways to do so, i don’t think i can just say ‘someone spliced onto soteria and omagerd its dremmmm’

As I said, my plan was to use relic as a backup, for a while away, i’m lookin at one thing and there is still some ways to bring char’s back which may be bad… but the idea was all so I could ever need to need her back, then that was an idea

Or ya know just abandon all that and make relic a character that nobody would rp with alot… i’m pissed and rn im writing this crap out while wanting to kill myself