Down with Solas Tempus - A Helpful Guide

This is going to be a drafting board for what will eventually become a guide to how to plot against an organization like Solas Tempus. I’m going to start off with saying that for a long time I had this mental image that I had to keep Solas Tempus sort of pure and golden. This has lead to a number of disastrous effects! This document will attempt to correct the course of play and provide a place for players to discuss and suggest ways to improve the game through the potential nerfing of the organization.

Solas Tempus is essentially powerful because of their prowess with technology. They rely heavily on technology and tend to be myopic when it comes to solutions to problems. They are incredibly arrogant, as a whole, and tend to be overconfident, especially when it comes to their technology and skills.

As a group they rely on their treaties with other powers, this is a potentially great sticking point for crisis and storylines. The organization has leveraged their ability to travel through time and protect the integrity of the timeline to trade for power and authority to operate in other territories while doing this job. As such, they need to keep these treaties intact.

They are a magpie of technologies. Because they are written as some of the finest engineers in the known galaxy they are often asked to consult or participate in complicated engineering projects. In doing this they tend to collect technologies, this doesn’t always sit well with those who they are participating with. Usually they try to negotiate rights to whatever technology they want to use but they are known to develop technologies in parallel to technology that is being developed elsewhere. Even if they develop it themselves and can prove such, it can be a sticking point in government relations.

They are known to collect massive amounts of data in the name of protecting the timeline. They have hubs installed through most communications networks. This gives them an incredible amount of information and that is something a lot of organizations is just not happy about.

A lot of their technology has a major achilles heel… Their Spatial Variance Reactors are trackable, the more power they draw from subspace the more visible they are to sensors. While Solas Tempus tries to keep this under wraps, it is known. While most do not know specifically how to track them, it would not be a stretch to get ahold of some Solas Tempus tech and figure out how to track a ship, even while cloaked through any SVR’s in operation on the ship. This works for people too, particularly XIA’s and androids use SVR’s as does the Solas Tempus communicator. Their arrogance with technology has lead to Solas Tempus rather ignoring this weakness in favor of the utility of the device.

Since their communications hubs are everywhere so do hackers spend a lot of time attacking them. While I would wager that their security is top notch and since HAL runs BlueNet and is an ultra-intelligent AI, it’s probably fair to say massive breeches would be nearly impossible. That all being said, there is just so much to protect that it is not unreasonable to assume small breeches are more common, a person or small group of people could probably figure out a way to breech security on a small scale and manage to not get caught.

The Phasing Cloak is a powerful bit of tech that can be difficult to get past. It is not impossible. Anything that deals in subspace can potentially damage the cloak if the attacker can guess where the ship is. Transphasic Torpedoes, Quantum Torpedoes, or any energy weapon could potentially be phase-shifted in the right way to breech the cloak. Since ships operate without shields while cloaked, it would devastate a ship quickly. The phasing cloak is also a major problem if the ship is currently inside solid matter. If a ship phases back into normal space while inside solid matter, the ship will become encased in the matter, effectively killing anyone stuck inside and likely destroying the ship.

Transporters are ubiquitous, they are everywhere. Transporters are finicky though, while they are standard and work beautiful when everyone wants them to – it doesn’t take much to block a transporter signal. Any building or ship could be constructed to prevent transporters from working through shields, shielded rooms, transporter inhibitors, all kinds of things. Transporters also don’t beam through solid rock particularly well, so any base deep underground could be made to be virtually transporter-proof.

The Jump Gate network is also a great way to get around undetected. Most warp ships never enter it, as it is dangerous to do so. If someone needs to get between star systems undetected, they can just the Jump Gates and bypass most patrols and other vessels. Also Jump Gates are everywhere so it’s easy to escape through one.

As @Dasfier noted on Discord, a government body is big and the wheels move slowly. There are going to be times when the government lags in putting together a response. I’m also going to start building in more bureaucratic nightmare for Solas Tempus. I want them to have situations where they cannot respond in force because, they have to get permission from the Concord in order to do so.

Also, it should be noted that a black market and organized crime do both exist. I don’t mean a mafia asking for protection money on Nimbus but there’s going to be people smuggling things (even people) in and out of Nimbus and other worlds. There’s also going to be a criminal element and even drugs / drug addiction going on.

That’s all I have for now, please make suggestions!