Doctor Livewell's Academy for the 'gifted'

The Idea here is a supernatural version of the X-Mansion from X-men, the difference being a) supernaturals and b) mystery and unknown things happening in and around the mansion, especially after dusk

Doctor Livewell is a large and wise gargoyle who moved to Chicago several years ago. among humans he worked in medicine, and became known as a miracle worker in the community. Because of this it allowed him to purchase some land out of the city and build a large mansion. At first he lived alone and solitary, creating his own little sanctuary. In time however he opened the gates to his estate to other supernaturals, as a safe haven, eventually he decided that he could help other supernaturals learn to live in a world among humans, learning to co-exist in peace with them.

Doctor Livewell then with the blessing of both the council and the human government, founded Doctor Livewell’s Academy for the ‘gifted’, a private academy complete with walls and gates, everyone inside, came there by special invitation, and had full contact with the outside world. Once a month, the academy opens it’s doors to allow people to tour the grounds and the mansion, although the upper levels are often off limits for tours, for reasons of not wanting to disrupt the student’s studies.

Doctor Livewell

An bulky and strong blue skinned gargoyle, yet very patient and wise, Doctor Livewell learned to practice medicine, and healing magic from various colleges, which made him very adept at healing people. He learned to work in hospitals and found various ways to hide his true nature from the public. His human form is a little less bulky but still leaves him in impressive physical condition. He now acts less like a medical doctor and now as the headmaster of his academy. Some humans still seek him out to a point, and he uses these times to teach his students how to treat humans, and live around them. Aside from his students, the only company he keeps is his hired assistant, another gargoyle named May, who helps with book work, room assignments, and other tasks, including helping with scheduling and even giving tours.


A sweet little tan skinned gargoyle, She used to be one of Doctor Livewell’s students, and was later hired on as his assistant, to help him around the mansion. Despite her slightly smaller than average gargoyle appearance, she is fierce in upholding the rules among both students and visitors. She works very closely with upper classmen to help work on various projects to help the students learn. If there was a change made to the grounds, or parts of the mansion, she’s probably the one who orchestrated it. She’s often considered a bit of a book worm, and enjoys reading all kinds of books in her free time, she often wears glasses.


Students are trained in a specialized curriculum for their species, as well as additional general curriculum, such as social encounters, work environments, culture, and things of that nature. Students can be assigned to two people per room, which also includes a bathroom, desks, beds, and any extra things that may be required by the student’s individual species, including perches, places to hang from, balconies, and things like that, all to ensure comfort and encourage relaxation in their safe place. Often students from two different species can be assigned to the same room, to help students learn how to work with and even tolerate different species and their needs. The general curriculum focus on not just acknowledging differences between species and humans, but learning how to cooperate with those differences, even acknowledging the strengths found in those differences.


  1. Students are only allowed to leave campus in their natural forms after dusk, and must return before dawn.
  2. Students should not seek to scare or frighten any human visitors
  3. Interactions with humans will be supervised, and should be done while maintaining a human like appearance
  4. Fighting should only be done in the academy sparing / training room in the basement, during posted hours.
  5. Show respect towards others no matter of one’s species or how long they’ve been a supernatural.
  6. If you are having difficulty, talk to a staff member, they will help you.
  7. Student rooms are safe places for students to be in their natural forms without being seen by the public, do not take pictures of students, or student rooms.
  8. Students should seek to maintain a human appearance while on the grounds, during the daylight hours, and the floors of the academy that are not the basement or the student rooms.
  9. No blogging, social media posting or otherwise regarding the true nature of the academy or its students


There are a variety of clubs at the academy, and these clubs are encouraged, to help students become social with others, grow friendships, and hone interests and skills.

Journalism Club

Pictures, news articles, and media is what they’re about, they run a small-time blog and print a student newspaper once a week. They are often the ones who go outside and keep everyone up to date.

Magic Club

Magic, potions, brews, and the arcane, they practice all sorts of magic here, according to what is allowed by the council, including techno-magic, technomancy. Most of them are self studies, and help with grounds works

Athletics Club

Some people have more of an interest in sports than other things, this is for those who prefer to play various human and non-human sports, they even make up some of their own. They also gather together to watch different professional sporting events.

Vampire Club

A club for vampires by vampires. There are some strange rumors surrounding this particular club though, but these things require more investigation.

Service Club

A community service group, they go out among the public and perform community service.

I really like this idea, it is heartily approved to move forward as needed. I would love to see something darker going on. Knowing something about the school systems of the US, I would love to see something along the lines of what do they have to do so that the supernaturals of the city tolerate it? As in what deals need to be made to pay for such a lovely place for students to be accepted.

Thank you, I’m open to ideas about those deals.

Well, unkind creatures wanting to source students to do unkind things perhaps?

That makes sense… I just got a couple of ideas

It can also be handled ad-hoc, throw something in when it’s needed rather than figure it all out at once.

That’s a good point.