Divergance from the Prime Star Trek Timeline

So for a while now I’ve been trying to figure out where to diverge the Blazing Umbra universe from the Prime Star Trek timeline. The recent events in Discovery give me a clue in. Star Trek has always been a very good place, a very just place with people working hard to make sure it stays that way. As I’ve said before, the Blazing Umbra tries to take a more sinister and darker view of the world.

Thus, I have always thought that Star Trek would be what it was like if Section 31 / Onyx (probably Onyx in this case) had not found ways to meddle in the timeline. Their actions corrupted the timeline and created the darker place that exists in the games as a whole.

So, given that we have 3 settings, I wanted to come up with at least 2 focal points that players could discover (at some point in time) of where contamination o the timeline caused things to diverge. Since Ember of Soteria isn’t in a place where it need strongly impact the other two settings in a major way, we can ignore it for now.

So… Part 1 is Onyx uses the time suit some time after Ash Tyler takes over Section 31 and himself reties to influence the timeline. Section 31 begins with the best of intentions to correct this, but in doing so gets a taste for it themselves. I would like to say that Onyx and Section 31 are separate at this time. However, enter Admiral Thomas and his crew (then Captain Thomas). Refuses to continue to help Section 31 in their activities, by this point they have mover beyond the time suit. However, Onyx has corrupted Section 31 so that their one-time enemies protecting the timeline are now helping the cause (and thinking they are not).

What say people?

You die a hero or live long enough to become the villain? It sounds very Shield/Hydra but what if Section 31 actually BECOMES Onyx? My understanding of ST is that it takes only a slight change to alter the course, like humans killing vulcans at first contact to create the mirror universe (or that might have already been in play from social standpoints).

Maybe a better analogy is what DC did with the new 52 origin point where it was the death of Golden age Green Lantern (a very minor character as it is explained) who reset the entire reality because his influence was so subtle that no one really thought of it as being a cornerstone for the universe.

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Well, honestly this has been something I’ve been playing with for a while. Onyx is kind of like a shadow-government in a way. Though the more I’m thinking about it, the more I think it is a shadow-corporation influencing governments. It’s a business really, a dark business, like some kind of galactic syndicate working through governments, criminal organizations, companies, all of that staying in the shadows and always playing the long game. This means that, I think, Section 31 and Onyx are closely tied, in fact… I’ve been playing with the idea for a while where the point at which the ST Prime universe and this universe diverge is during the original Section 31 temporal missions that Lance & his crew were supposed to be on before Solas Tempus existed.

In this idea, the going back in time by Section 31 is kind of at the behest of Onyx (though the officials are unaware of this). Operatives for Onyx go and are “lost” (i.e. they never come back, but people think these people are dead) when in reality, they stay under-cover in past time periods on various worlds.

We see that there are ways to communicate with the past within Star Trek canon and we use that idea within time travel plots, where HAL basically relays information managing the information to avoid temporal causality issues. This is my kluge to avoid problems that could be caused by giving an operative information on their own impending death on a mission or some such, fringe cases. However, I’ve had the thought for a while that Onyx gives these operatives assignments to influence history or bring back intelligence.

Consider, how valuable it would be… Even if the operative was never supposed to actually change anything but say in the modern day we really want to know where some major figure ended up. Of course right now we’d have to trace through records hoping that enough records exist to point to where this person ended up. Well if you’ve got an operative in that time period then you could get on the trail while it is still a hot trail and then have the records needed. Beyond that, find items (journals, videos, or other proof of some kind of wrong doing) and then since all you’ve got to do is tell your operative that some item or some such is important, they can then tell you where it ends up.

All this is leading to an idea that I’ve been bouncing around in my head for a long – long – time and that is, a temporal war. Now in Star Trek Enterprise they do a “temporal cold war” which, is a great term but… I’d love to do something with a temporal war; fights going on just under the surface in the past even. When I was originally coming up with the storyline ideas for what has becomes Solas Tempus, I wanted very much to do this idea of the past being a battle front during a certain period of time, Solas Tempus losing a lot of operatives to death or capture.

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