Discussions about the Death of Drem

Alright @thatotakugalaxy, what would she be saving? I like that idea, everyone wants a noble death scene, just look at Spock’s Death in Star Trek II, sacrifices himself to save the entire ship. And shows why Shatner is a horrible actor.

why spock is redshirt >.>

Hmm… maybe something like this?

Something has set fire to the nirvash, and drem is left to get her crew out… she does, but sacrifices herself to get the crew out before the ship goes boom?

That’s just offensive.


That would work, or it takes serious damage, escape pods are offline, and other ships are otherwise occupied, so she has to gather her crew and get them out, maybe she has to manually eject the pods or something that requires her to stay behind. Or could do a USS Kelvin thing (Star Trek from 2009) where someone has to stay behind to make sure the people actually escape?

whislte about potential battlestar incident

Lets not troll her here, this is discussion of an actual plot ks :slight_smile:

Hmm. I like the idea of her having to stay and make sure everyone gets off, so what if she has to actually go and like you said, manually eject the pods with the crew, but she stays to make sure the crew is all safe, maybe theres only one pod left and they have to leave one person because theres not enough room in the last pod, so she stays behind

For once i actually didn’t trolled with raming tho, i can really do that

So yeah, I’ll probably plan it to be tonight or tomorrow.

Should probably get @Zephyranthes and Tal to make the Nomad’s show up and fuck up the Nirvash.

Pff, that could happen. I already wrote a small idea

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I thought this went very well, actually.

Woot woot ^-^ I had a fun time