Disbanding of the Sins Vignette

Ok, so I suppose the first and most major question is, why were the sins disbanded in the first place? That’s got to be the core element, as far as I can think, in the creation of the narrative?

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My idea was the Sins fought one last daring battle against some sort of legendary enemy and the Master/creator of the sins felt they had outgrown their usefulness after that battle, with something along the lines of “The worlds safe now blah blah there is no longer an need for The Seven Deadly Sins”

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Ok I like that idea, though I wondered too, had they become me too powerful? In Klingon lore one of their heroes killed the Klingon gods for some reason probably betrayal or something. So I just had the thought that maybe the creator feared the Sins could one day threaten their master?

Yeah that actually sounds good,the creator also felt the Sins were gaining to much power and feared and overthrow so he disbanded them

Alright, so the core idea is set; they are disbanded to prevent them from killing the God(s) that created them in the first place. I don’t want to go too much into the back story, as then it would stop being a Vignette.

So, what kind of battle was it, that they had finished? I kind of imaging this taking place just after they defeat some epic foe.

Yeah some sort of legend monster or daemon that they needed to slaughter because it was posing a great threat to the universe

Cosmic level threat, I like that. About what era would this be? Feudal Japan?

Feudal Japan era sounds interesting

I admit, I don’t know much about it, but I kind of envision the Sins in a similar time period to that. I wouldn’t mind doing something European of course, but with the Shinobi so clearly being a ninja and from an Anime series, I’m not sure how feasible that is. Of course we could do a thing where the Sins are not confined to one country. Since this is going to take place after the battle, in the aftermath, it doesn’t matter a lot what the battle was just where they are returning to. I imagine Kaito’s estate?

Well I always had the thought that the Sins were never confined to a single country, they may hail from Japan as Kaito does but he moves around with the Sins because of the work they do and for the aftermath setting heading to Kaitos home sounds okay, either way it gives me chance to give Kaito his gunbai

I like that idea. I’d like to open up the scene with a description of Kaito’s home then, what it’s like, what it feels like to be in, who is there, that kind thing. Then perhaps shift into the Sins after the battle, what it’s like for them, how the unwind when the job is done. What do you think?

Always imagined he had a typical Japanese still house with the addition of many many weapon racks and armor stands and a single Flying raijin Kunai hanging in front of the door

Well, I think we can build the scene at the outset, can you describe the inside of it, how it looks in your mind and we’ll fire it up?


Ok, I suppose we can start it off like we would a role play, but perhaps we should ask @darktrooper501 and @TheChubbyGamer to also participate, since it is their characters after all too. I keep wondering if I should start a Google Doc or just do it on the forum here.

Aye ask the lads and such. Also a doc sounds interesting, good place to jot down ideas set up ideas and such

I am keen to participate and eager to see what monster we have to fight.

I was thinking that we start just after the battle?

Yeah thats what I thought we were doing, after the battle kinda thing, the sins are winding down and relaxing

Welp, reading comprehension fail then.