Direct to Device Notifications

Alright, so as most people know, I have been working hard to create a script that will send push notifications out directly to people’s phones. I have finally completed a script that, so far, does exactly that. It is essentially, an alpha, and requires extensive testing. The script is posted to GitHub here:

The script uses the service called Pushover, which is available on the iPhone, Android, and via the browser. It is not, however, free. The price, unfortunately has gone up since I purchase it years ago and costs $4.99 to buy.

To Use

To enable push notifications, you must have an account at the Pushover service. Once there, you create an Application token, upload an icon, fill out the information. Then, here on the forum, you go to your user profile and enter your user key (found at the Pushover web site), and the Application token or Application key. The script will automatically then begin sending you notifications. It runs every 5 minutes on the server itself, and thus you should get notifications within about 5 minutes of a post happening, depending on Internet lag and other such things. Notifications will contain the URL for the post in question and what they are notifying you of.

Here is our official icon for the site:

Android App

iOS App

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