Differing POV - Sex and Relationships

Ok, so I’m trying to get better at role playing a girl. I used to not care really about doing such things, however, over the last 5 or so years I’ve been exposed to a lot of things about the female perspective and it’s kind of staggering how different it is. As a role player I don’t mind going in any direction that we want to as far as the game goes, it doesn’t bother me either way.

I have been rather interested though, given my RP with John and Alyshan (a character that I so far have had a lot of trouble role playing), about the differences in perspective as far as sexuality and relationships go. I suppose that I’m starting this thread to further the discussion of such things.

In the role play with John and Aly, Aly is a very young girl who thinks she’s found a hero and fallen in love with him - very storybook. I’ve been concerned that I’ve made it too stereotypical, one of the things I’ve wanted to explore is a more realistic approach to such a thing happening - I always tend to make the girls I play way too shallow and one-dimensional, with no depth. For that depth I think she needs some pain to RP though, if for nothing else so that I can get an idea of her character more.

That is, of course, not an indictment of that RP at all just a request for comments on the subject of - how to realistically play a female character.

well, being a grill myself, I hope this helps.

When doing girls, you have a few different personalities that you base off of
There’s the energetic, crazy girls who always seem to be happy, but can also have a darker past,
There’s the depressed, darkened ones,
The calm, yet very happy and a bit energetic (Drem)
And many more, I’m not a boy though so I’m not sure how men roleplay as men, if you just think of a personality and BAM you have a character xD

But for role playing as a girl, specifically aly, she seems to be energetic and beaming with happiness. Like I said before, perhaps something In the past happened, and she has been forced to keep her mouth shut, or perhaps she Lost someone so close to her that once she’d found someone she thought cared for her, she thinks ‘nothing can go wrong this time!’
Not really sure if this is helping at all but meh

Girls are clingy, so when roleplaying them in a relationship, you kinda wanna have them cling onto their loved and not let go.

I can’t really say much since I suck at explaining, but when roleplaying females, think of yourself as a female. Do a day of research on females and personalities and how they act, when I roleplay men, that’s what I try to do. I just put myself in their shoes ^^

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