Desert Phone Booth Rewrite - Brainstorming

So upon completing the first Act the game took an unexpected turn and how needs a rewrite. I’m looking for input on how to turn this rather job-oriented story of sacrificing personal honor for much needed money into a more revenge oriented plot. I’d love to hear ideas.

Where it stands now is our main character, Samual, has failed Onyx and been punished through the killing of his companion Willow. Now he has sworn revenge. This changes the game entirely, so I’d like to hear some ideas on where to take this. I’d still like to stick with the idea of personal sacrifice and toss in there the theme of how the poor have to do things for money that no one should have to do.


Maybe Onyx is continuing their operations, by hiring poor people to do various tasks, either causing one issue or another, causing riots, moving supplies for certain groups.

All while Samual is locked away, he hears his guards talking about this, and… then chooses to escape, considering what they did to his companion, he’s in essence lost everything and his old honor code is broken, leading him to be a bad omen, if you’re a bad guy doing bad things, there’s no more diplomacy on his part.

Maybe even someone is gloating to him and he reacts in an unexpected way, where he bashes a man an inch from his life just so they can be allowed to experience a fraction of the pain he’s going through.

There’s of course the chance of him being stopped and being snapped out of it but he would be done playing nice otherwise.

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sorry, I didn’t have any ideas until now about the situation.

Yeah, I can work with that. I think that’s better than just sheer vengeance plot. Thank you.

glad to help… this inspiration was brought about by “the pale rider” which is looks Like Samual is on his way to becoming… for now.

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