Desert Phone Booth: Onyx Mission Objectives

Onyx Mission Objectives

The primary mission objective for Onyx is to change the conditions which ignite into World War III in 2026. Since the war ignites over many factors, one of which being eco terrorism, Onyx wishes to reposition the ecological extremist group. This will be to either open up a vacuum for an Onyx operative to split into a leadership position or to eliminate a threat to their future position.

Chapter 1 Objectives

Onyx will be funding an eco terrorist group to sabotage Shasta Dam in Northern California which will cripple the water supply to Southern California cities which draw heavily from the water supply off the snow melt which fills Shasta Lake in order to survive.

  • Moving Materials
    Onyx needs to move supplies into position up in Northern California using the truck stop in Schubach as a waypoint and the help of their contact in the city to keep things hidden.
  • Hiding Materials
    Onyx will need to use someone in Schubach to hide materials, probably small arms, maybe some torches or cutting equipment. No explosives, perhaps later on those.
  • Moving Cash
    Cash is going to be flowing to fund this operation.

Consequences for Failure

While the expected and disclosed consequences for failure will be just not getting paid and not getting any more jobs. Onyx will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way or who fails and is expendable. Should the PCs either betray Onyx or be thwarted in a way that gets too much attention, Onyx will put a hit out on the characters.

In after aftermath of Act (Chapter) 1 will be redoing Act 2 to better fit with where the story is.

This sounds like a fun idea.