Desert Phone Booth Introduction Notes

Doing the introduction we’re going to establish the characters in Schubach, California. The main character will be Samual Hawthorne.

Supporting Characters

  • None

Sam in Schubach

Sam spliced into Schubach in the past and had to get forged papers for both his sister and himself.

Sam has become a community leader of sorts, battling the drug epidemic as best he can. He helps people where he can, general handyman and a go-to for when the shit hits the fan. Bounces if he is needed at the bar but mostly prefers to make a living doing odd jobs, helping his neighbors, and taking the occasional bounty if a skip is passing through the area.

The basic plot arc for Sam is going to consist of him being forced to do things and trade on his good name, since he has one, with groups he’d rather not deal with. He will have to go out looking for how what he’s doing is wrong, Onyx will have him pretty in the dark and it will be a situation where he’s told not to ask any questions and given assurances that it is legitimate work.

At the outset Sam will be broke, work has been sparse and a lot of his resources have been stretched thin protecting the town. A recent attempt to push in running drugs through the area took a lot for him to resolve, both in terms of money and time. Things are getting desperate as his own food runs low and some of the bills such as electricity and water are nearing the point of being shut off.

Onyx Approach

Onyx is going to use a radio transmission which will ping on Sam’s Pip-Boy and perhaps attract other PC’s as well. This will lead Sam and anyone else to the Phone Booth. The approach is going to consist of the offer of work for something with his unique skills. Though the initial job won’t require anything that needs a lot of specialized skill, more his reputation.

What Onyx is going to tell him is the first job’s fee, the parameters, and that if the job gets completed well they will have more work for him. The fee per job is $3100 cash.

Onyx is using a company called Black Horse Inc. they are a small holding company based out of Delaware with reported offices in most G8 countries. They are relatively unknown and little is published, if anything about them. It is known they have approximately 50 or so employees worldwide making them a very small international operation.

Consequences for Failure

Right now it is money, if the job doesn’t get done he doesn’t get paid and future opportunities evaporate.

The first job failed, with Sam leading the police on a long chase through the deserts of Southern California. The cops caught up with Sam and shot him. Onyx captured him, healed him, and killed Willow in retaliation.