Desert Phone Booth - Information & Resources

A rather small, petite woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt comes out of the RV. “Woah there, you lost?” She had a very slight accent but it was hard to play. She was wearing hiking boots and looked like she’d been camping for a while – kind of looked a bit like she needed a shower, but not in a homeless kind of way, just like a camper.

He shrugs, “something like that, I was looking for a couple people” he gave rough estimates of the shoe sizes and estimated heights of the people based off of the tracks, “they were heading out this way. See anything suspissious recently?” He asks in a friendly tone, keeping eyes on her but also their surroundings, starting to holster his gun, to show he meant no harm. He did pear at the tracks in case they went right to the RV.

“Why are you looking for them?” Her accent sounded almost Russian or maybe similar? It was very faint though. “What would you want with them? People don’t like strangers much around here.”

“Unfortunately, that is my own business, and I have my own reasons… from what I have seen, they’re outsiders as well… so why not help an outsider locate other outsiders… probably would prevent more trouble in the long run”

“Well, I don’t keep track of heights or shoe sizes, so, whatever your business, I’d thank you to just leave me be. I don’t like outsiders much either, especially ones asking strange questions.”

“the tracks were leading in this direction, so you can imagine this is why I came by this way. and asked those strange questions. I’m just asking if you can remember seeing anyone strange coming by at around roughly those heights… I can’t really expect you to measure the feet of everyone you come across can I? that would be silly… but if there’s one thing I’ve learned wandering around, is if you need help finding someone and you’re not familiar with the area… go ask the locals.” He says, not forcefully, but keeping an eye on her and the area around them, at least within his view, not being shifty eyed but being on guard for sure… if she moved for a firearm, he’d have his gun out and fired a warning shot, likely at wherever the weapon would be located, not enough to harm her, but enough to damage the piece, especially if it was a rifle or shotgun of some kind.

She didn’t move fore a firearm but she was very skeptical and suspicious of him. Looking him over she nods, “Well, the locals don’t like strangers. You’re right, you’re asking some strange questions and I like my privacy. I imagine others do too, so unless you’ve got a story to tell about why you want to know so bad I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

He looks at her dead in the eyes, “if they are who I think they are… they are from an organization which killed a… close friend of mine… and I plan on ripping their organization apart piece by piece, till there’s nothing for even the ants to collect” there was fury in his eyes, right now, she could either help or be an obstacle… and if she was an obstacle he couldn’t get around… then he’d go right through her without a second thought.

“I think you should call the police then, which I am not. I have no interest in… Whatever this is.” She turns to go back into the RV not really caring for the man at all.

He pulls his hat low, “sorry for the inconvenience…” He goes to check the tracks and their direction, so he can trace their direction and if they stayed in this area or moved on.

There are too many tracks in the clearing to really get a good feel. Some are the ons he’s looking for, but others seem to belong to the woman, given her footwear, and so it’s hard to say where the tracks he is following may have gone. He hears her lock the door on the RV.

He sighs… he didn’t have time for this and he starts approaching the door. he knows they were here, but because she refused to give him what he wanted she was now a part of this. he attempts to kick the door in, striking next to the locking assembly.

As soon as he steps up to the door looking aggressive, he hears the distinctive sound of a high tech weapon right behind his head, a smooth male voice says, “I wouldn’t do that Sir, it could be detrimental to your health.”

He stops and smiles, “not the first time I’ve been shot in the head… but I ain’t dying tonight” he says, glancing back at his ambusher, hat still low on his brow, where one would see an eirey neom green glow coming from his iruses. He was observing him for now trying to gage if he was with the ones that killed Willow or not.

It was impossible to say who he was with. The man was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with an unbuttoned short-sleeved shirt over that, wearing tennis shoes. His face was stern, square jawed, he had long fine hair with mostly dark brown hair but a grey streak coming down the front. “I think you may wish to consider your next move carefully, not having you bust down the door on my wife. Best if you just move on friend.”

Sam stands there quietly for a beat, taking it in, it’s been a while since he was in this sort of situation, “all I’m asking is for some information of some folks who passed by here, the kind that appear out of nowhere” he says cooly, “if you know of people like that it’s important I find them… I have good reason to believe they passed by here, now your attitude tells me you aren’t part of the group I’m hunting… or you would have shot me with my back turned…” he pauses again, “but we can exchange information peacefully… or violently… your choice…” he steps away from the door, and a fair pace away, hand still on his revolver, which is resting in it’s holster. Waiting to see the man’s reaction… but ready to shoot the man’s hand off if needed.

The man stayed behind Sam, he was skilled in his movements and it was easy to see he had possibly a military background or some other kind of advanced training. He was cool, collected, and watchful. “Appeared out of nowhere, like you? I don’t know who you are, you won’t say what’s going on, I have no reason to help you. You don’t help your case by the fact that you’d have kicked my door in and assaulted my wife for not answering you. Good people don’t do that, and you know it. I owe you nothing, she owes you nothing. Unless you’re about to show me a badge, you can just get on up out of here now. I don’t know who you want to find and I have absolutely no care for who you’re meant to find. I have my own job here, one that takes precedence over whatever it is you’re doing.”

He looks at the man, “if I knew I would be using their names and more specifics… but I’ll tell you one thing… they killed a close friend of mine, then tried to kill me… and I’m going to kill them, some organization that works in the shadows, reaching out to people promising it’s for the betterment of the world, I picked up a signal that could be theirs which is why I came out here. Looking for them…” He sighs, “yea… probably should have been nicer about it… when one gets caught up in their search for revenge for one they lost… one taken from them… a man’s judgement becomes clouded… soon everyone is in your way… and you remove them… without a thought… that’s not the right way…” he drops his hand from the gun.

He hears the man lower his weapon and he nods, “Perhaps we should talk, so long as you can be civilized about it?” It was a question and felt like an invitation to turn around.

Sam nods, “don’t see the harm in that, I’m going to turn around now” he slowly turns around, not touching anywhere where his weapons are to face the man.